What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a profession in which one individual, the coach, facilitates another individual or a group in identifying and effectively reaching specific, often measurable goals. These goals can be either personal or professional in nature and vary widely between clients and coaches. Many coaches specialize in helping clients reach a certain type of goal. A life coach, for example, usually works with an individual to find ways to improve specific aspects of that person’s personal life. A business coach, on the other hand, generally works with a company, or a department or team within a company, to develop and achieve business-oriented goals, such as increasing productivity or improving inter-departmental communication.

The difference between coaching and therapy or counseling

Although similar, a coach is not the same thing as a counselor or a therapist. While a therapist would generally help a person resolve issues in the past (childhood, etc.), a coach instead focuses on guiding the client toward reaching specific future goals. This typically occurs through careful questioning, encouragement, and exploration of the true needs and capabilities of the client. The coach also seeks to help the client develop the skills necessary to handle future issues independently. For a life coach, for example, this could include helping a client learn to communicate his or her needs more clearly, a skill that is useful in many situations. The specific techniques employed by a coach may vary, but the ultimate goal of any type of coaching is to help the client maximize their potential and to provide the client with the tools necessary to succeed in any endeavor.

As the coaching industry grows, there continues to evolve more and more niches that fall within the coaching realm. Below is a list of some of the types of coaching.  Click on the links to learn more.

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