Weight Loss Can Improve More Than Your Waistline

It is common knowledge that physical fitness can improve health and wellness. In fact, diabetic patients who lose just 10 percent of their body mass, 25 pounds for a 250 pound individual, have experienced fewer negative symptoms and even a decreased need for insulin. Still, many people may not be aware of some of the other advantages of losing weight.

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Saving Money

losing weight can have multiple negative effectsIndividuals who have a healthy body weight typically enjoy lower healthcare costs. This is not because there is a conspiracy against less healthy people. It is simple mathematics: healthy people do not need to visit a physician as often and usually do not have as many prescriptions as overweight or obese people. A person who is within a few pounds of his ideal weight may only see his doctor for his annual physical.Another way that losing weight can save money is by lowering the cost of grocery bills. Health conscious people do not

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buy as many packaged or processed foods, which are high in sodium and fat, as well as price. But groceries are not the only items that cost more when a person is overweight. Everything from the price of a plane ticket to the cost of a new outfit reflects a substantial difference. Some airlines go as far as requiring overweight passengers to purchase an additional ticket, which is not only expensive, but also humiliating.

More Energy

Countless individuals complain of excessive fatigue or malaise. However, many do not realize the amount of strain extra weight can place on the body. For better perspective, consider that a military knapsack typically weighs between 50 and 100 pounds. So an overweight person can be carrying the equivalent of a military knapsack, 24 hours a day. Not only does the excess weight feel heavy, but it is often awkwardly distributed, causing joints to be misaligned subsequently leading to poor balance and pain.

Lower Risk of Chronic Disease

Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease are more prevalent in individuals who are overweight or obese. Though the exact reasons for the link to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer are not clear, heart disease, stroke and diabetes have long been known for their association with weight and diet.

Mental Sharpness

More and more, researchers are finding links between obesity and memory problems. After losing weight, many individuals report feeling more focused on everyday tasks and fewer episodes of short-term memory loss. While science has yet to explain the reason for the mental impairment among the obese, it is becoming clear that the effects can be reversed once some of the weight is lost.

Increased Libido

Although simply being overweight does not necessarily cause sexual dysfunction, the co-morbidities associated with it have a significant impact. Problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes affect blood flow, which hinders men’s ability to perform. Similarly, women often experience decreased desire as a result.There are countless reasons to lose weight and become healthy. But healthy does not mean conforming to the unrealistic standard that everyone should look like a fashion model or actor. Healthy simply means that a person has found a balance of physical activity and proper nutrition. Too often, people give up on trying to lose any weight because they feel overwhelmed. But any positive step, no matter how small, can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.

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