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Warrior Life Coach Beau Chatham Interview

Meet warrior life coach, Beau Chatham, as he is interviewed by founder, Corey Quinn

Interview with Warrior Life Coach: Beau Chatham

Corey: My name is Corey Quinn. I am the founder of, where we help match clients with great coaches. I’m here with Beau Chatham. He is a life coach. Welcome Beau.

Warrior Life Coach: Thanks Corey.

Corey: Could you tell me why you are life coach?

Warrior Life Coach: Well, I will tell you that specifically, I founded a business to raise my hand to the world to say that I’m a life coach. I feel like I’ve been doing some parts of coaching throughout my career in several different roads that I’ve been on, but I think it’s first and foremost to serve a higher purpose.

Corey: Okay. So, why should someone work with you or when is the good time for someone to work with you?

Warrior Life Coach: I would say that when you are looking to change a behaviour that doesn’t work for you, to move forward and really, that’s the essence of coaching. Those are probably the best clients that I work with.

Corey: Okay, and then, who is your ideal client?

Warrior Life Coach: I will say – I want to branch that specifically into two because I have a very unique focus in my coaching practice and I work with wounded combat veterans, but the techniques and the tools that I used for them clearly, if they can work for someone in the tough spot like they are, they would work for mostly anyone else. But I will say that then as a civilian, and you could have served or not, but I will say it’s the young working professional that has a [inaudible 00:01:42] on their plate that is looking to go to the next level, whether in performance in their job, or even within the relationship that they are in.

Corey: Okay. So, in your experiences through coaching your clients, what is the – can you talk a little bit about the importance of a match between your clients and a coach?

Warrior Life Coach: Sure. Specifically for those clients that come out and I would say, it’s in order for us to be empathetic with our clients, they probably need to have a sense that we can kind of walk in their shoes or we at least have an understanding of what it is that they are going through, and I think that that part of the matching, you know, is important. You know, if I’m working with someone that I don’t think has a clue of what I’m talking about, but they just want to help me, it just doesn’t feel as authentic for their tools to fit with me.

Corey: That makes sense. That makes sense. Could you share with me a success story?

Warrior Life Coach: Certainly. I have a client – a female client came to me who had work with actually several therapists, posttraumatic stress. You know, served in Iraq, and had nightmares and obviously was very hyper vigilant and was affecting her relationships with her family, and you know, couldn’t even go out to – she loves hockey, and couldn’t even go to a hockey game because if you have ever been to any of these outdoor arenas, they are always setting off pyrotechnics or everything, and big crowds or just something that people don’t like to do. But I will tell you that during a follow-up session with this client, some of the tools and techniques that I used to help them refocus themselves, she was able to tell me where in the middle of a nightmare she woke up and found herself, because she had been practicing the tools and techniques that we have kind of set up and agreed that she would work with, that she said she automatically found herself doing that, even in that slumber state of between dream and reality. She said she found herself doing that. So, I find that when we agree with our clients to do something, you know, that’s really what the essence of coaching is as we help develop and plan, but just like a coach that would be over an athletic team, they are kind off of in the sidelines and the player or the client is actually doing the work, and here was a case where we agreed on a plan and the client executed it, probably at the time when they needed it the most.

Corey: That’s great. That sounds like you, that you guys had a really strong rapport. That she really trusted you in this process.

Warrior Life Coach: Well, I think honestly, being a combat veteran myself helps in that regard. So, you know, that’s a place that where you start, but in the same regard to, even if you haven’t served, I would submit that we are all warriors, Corey. I mean, we are all struggling against something. I just [inaudible 00:05:09] the value of 10 years in military service and served in lots of training and instructional roles, and I applied those same principles if you will, that our Armed Forces used when they engage with the enemy.

Corey: Oh, it’s great. Well, thank you very much for your time today Beau. I appreciate it.

Warrior Life Coach: Absolutely.

About Beau Chatham

life coach beau chathamBeau Chatham is a former U.S. Army Infantry officer. He is combat tested, Airborne-Ranger qualified, and had the privilege to lead troops at both the 82nd Airborne and 3rd Infantry Division. Additionally, he served at the National Training Center as a Combat Trainer (OC), and was a member of the U.S. Army Infantry Officer’s Advanced Course (SGI) Small Group Tactics Team. He has walked in the boots of a soldier and understands many of the challenges facing today’s servicemen and women.

As a civilian, he brings over 15 years of experience to the table from the fields of medicine and technology. His passions are in neurology and cardiovascular treatments; specifically focusing on anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and disease management instruction. His tenure as a corporate trainer in one of the country’s premier pharmaceutical companies is testament to the trust instilled in this enthusiastic trainer and educator.

Beau believes that evidence-based therapies offer the best means of providing a reasonable and predictable result. That is what initially attracted him to The SR® Life Coaching process, where today he pursues a Master’s Certification. Through his military service, medical education background, and life coaching certification process, he has compiled an impressive arsenal of tools, techniques, and procedures to effectively engage the toughest challenges that we all face in reaching a higher level of personal performance. Although he works with civilians, his love for warriors is his “calling.” He speaks and writes with a military flair and seeks the toughest assignments, especially when a wounded warrior is in need.

You can learn more about Beau and his life coaching business here.

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