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From paying bills to getting a college degree and almost everything in between, it seems that everything has gone digital these days and coaching is no exception. Virtual coaching has recently become a popular trend,

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but many people might be wondering what this new form of coaching actually entails.

coaching on the webIn general, the premise is the same: a person has a goal and hires a coach to help him achieve it. Subsequently, the coach makes it his chief priority to help his client succeed. The difference between virtual coaching and traditional coaching is purely in the delivery of the services.

Virtual coaching is done, well, virtually! Clients employ email and virtual chat, as well as phone consultations instead of meeting their coaches face-to-face. It sounds like a simple concept, because it is. However, some skeptics cannot understand why such an impersonal technique appeals to so many.

There are actually a few aspects of virtual coaching that make it a better option for some people.


Due to scheduling conflicts and personal obligations, some individuals simply cannot arrange a time to meet face-to-face. Moreover, clients can meet with virtual coaches from the comfort of their own homes. This is a huge plus for many people. This means a person does not have to endure the stress of fighting traffic or worries about factoring in time to get to and from the appointment, arranging a sitter for children, or calculating fuel expenses. In fact, a client could meet his coach in his pajamas if he wanted to.

Ease of Access

For individuals who live in rural areas or smaller cities, finding a local coach can be nearly impossible. However, with a little internet research, anyone can find an ideal coach, without regard for their physical location.


Aside from savings in gas, virtual coaching programs are typically less

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expensive than traditional programs. Virtual coaches do not have the same overhead costs as other coaches. Traditional coaches, even if shared with other professionals, pay rental and utility costs associated with their offices, as well as salaries for their employees. Without the added expenses, virtual coaches can provide comparable services at a fraction of the cost.


The final and most important reason virtual coaching has become so popular is because clients receive the same quality services and they are able to achieve the same results as with any other coaching program.

A common misconception is that virtual coaches are somehow less qualified than traditional coaches. Contrary to this belief, the coaches who offer virtual services

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have the same credentials and experience as their traditional counterparts. Additionally, virtual coaches are often knowledgeable industry leaders who wanted to expand their reach to individuals outside of their vicinity. These professionals are well-established coaches who are committed to helping people realize their goals.

No coaching program is a “one size fits all” solution for every person. Individuals must consider their needs, wants and preferences when choosing the best choice for them. However, virtual coaching is a viable option and should not be overlooked simply because it is a relatively new way to meet with a coach. Virtual coaching is still coaching, it simply offers clients another option.

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