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One in six Americans have a problem with alcohol or other drugs at some point in their life. Problems manifest in many different ways in relationships with family, partners, and friends; or in problems on the job (absenteeism, job performance, etc.), legal problems, health problems, depression etc. There are also problems called “process addictions” that don’t include substances, such as gambling, compulsive sex, and shopping. Over-drinking/drugging or process problems are very hard on the people who have them and on those who love them.recovery coaching

Over-drinking and process problems tend to get worse over time. If you think you might possibly have a problem remember that the sooner you deal with it the easier it will be to resolve.  Don’t wait until you get a DUI or your spouse leaves you or your boss lets you go.  If it were cancer or diabetes you wouldn’t wait, right?  A Recovery Coach can help you figure out what to do with Recovery Coaching.

Options Galore – Recovery Coaching

Professional Recovery Coaches help you consider options for recovery. Options you might consider are getting an assessment from a doctor or chemical dependency counselor, figuring out what you can do on your own, going to meetings (either 12-step or SMART etc.) going to treatment (residential or outpatient, 12-step or aversion therapy or faith-based etc), or detox, or working on controlling your drinking, or finding the safest way to continue (harm reduction). Your recovery coach will help you sort out the best approach to change and come up with a plan.

Once you have a workable change plan you are ready to take action to change your habits. You’ll have ongoing personal support from your coach during this challenging period. Your coach will use their coaching skills and specialized training in addiction best practices to help you save money and beat the odds against relapse.

Cheaper Than a Funeral

Working with a coach is distinctly affordable when you compare it to the cost of a DUI ($5000 retainer for lawyer), a decent funeral ($8000), health problems, a divorce or losing your job. If you don’t address your addiction now, those are common results of Professional Recovery Coaches cost about what other good coaches cost—between $400 and $800 a month. You may still need to go to treatment, but if you do working with a Recovery Life Coach can help you protect your investment. We will help you get home safely, get connected with community, and enjoy stable recovery.

What’s Next?

Once your life is stable, a Recovery Coach can help you decide what you want to do next now that you are in recovery. We can help you have fun and pursue dreams that are possible now that you are in recovery. We can help you get a better job, go back to school, start a business, have a healthy relationship and get physically fit.

How Can I Find the Right Recovery Coach for Me?

Typically you will want to work with a coach who knows something about the challenge you are facing. There are coaches who specialize in sex addiction, food addiction, nicotine, alcoholism, etc. There are Recovery Coaches who specialize in working with family members. Look through the coaches listed here on MyCoachMatch, and pick out one or two to talk to. Most coaches offer a complimentary call.

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