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NLP Life Coaching Explained

First developed in the mid 1970s by linguists John Grinder and Richard Bandler, neuro linguistic programming is a holistic way to address mental health issues, phobias, depression, and learning disorders. Today NLP life coaching is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to transform your life from the inside out.

The premise of NLP life coaching is that you can become consciously aware of your modes of thinking and communication, and then use this awareness to change your patterns of physical behavior and emotional well being. Essentially, NLP life coaching techniques teach you to model your own actions, thoughts, and behavior after those of successful people. In this way, you too can excel in a variety of situations—personal, social, and financial. It’s this connection between the patterns of thought and behavior of successful people that forms the basis of NLP life coaching.

Proponents of NLP life coaching say that the system has changed their lives completely, and that anyone can lead a richer, more fulfilling life by following the therapy as well. Many people claim that learning to modify their thinking and speaking patterns has led to drastic improvements throughout every facet of their lives.

NLP life coaching works from the idea that everything you need to affect change in your life is already within yourself. This is part of what makes the NLP approach so popular—you’re already holding the keys to your own success. A life coach trained in NLP therapy can then help you unlock those hidden thoughts and behaviors, guiding you to the place you know you deserve to be.

Consider the following scenario:

Two people are walking along a mountain trail, when they see a snake near a tree. One of these people is terrified by the sight of the snake, and is immediately filled with fear and revulsion. The other, fascinated by the intricate body movements of the snake, takes a moment to appreciate the sight before the pair moves on. While both of these people saw the exact same thing, each of them had a very different experience. One left the scene delighted, and for the other, the entire hiking trip was ruined. NLP life coaching teaches you to interpret triggers in an entirely new way. Instead of associating things with negative feelings, you will learn to see them as wonderful opportunities—and adjust your thinking and speaking patterns accordingly. This leads to positive changes in your conscious and subconscious behaviors, and an entirely new take on life in general.

If one person can do something successfully, then anyone else can learn to do it just as well. This is the very basis for NLP life coaching. Communication and behavior are far more than just words or actions. They are the impetus behind the secrets to a richer, more rewarding life.

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