Life Coach Questions to Ask

Making the decision to hire a life coach is a big deal. A life coach can make a rather significant impact on your life—not only for today, but for your entire future. But how do you go about finding the right life coach?  Experts suggest asking a potential life coach questions before deciding on the one best suited to meet your needs. Here are a few life coach questions to get you started:

  • What type of experience do you have?

Life coaching isn’t as cut and dry of a field as you might think. There are many different types of life coaches, including those that specialize in business coaching, career coaching, personal coaching, management coaching and leadership coaching.  Ask the potential life coach questions about their personal expertise. You’ll want the coach you ultimately decide on to have the relevant experience necessary to be an effective coach for you.

  • Do you have any coaching credentials?

Since 2000 there has been a boom in the number of new life coaches. There are a few accrediting organizations for professional coaches.  Many of the accredited coaching programs have specific academic requirements which must be met in order to receive a certificate of course completion. Your best results will more than likely come from coaches who have these credentials.

  • Can you establish your credibility in the industry?

How is your potential life coach received within the industry? Don’t be afraid to ask your potential life coach questions about their reputation. Have they written anything of note or that has been published? Things such as these can give you an indication of their commitment level to the profession.  Have they ever been asked to speak at any professional conferences?

  • What kind of references can you offer?

The best life coaches will have no trouble at all producing a portfolio of testimonials from satisfied clients or even from other professionals within the industry. If your prospective coach can’t produce more than one or two solid references it’s probably a good time for you to move on to someone else.

  • What types of methods do you employ?

Is your life coaching candidate someone who favors intimate settings for sessions?  Or perhaps they feel they are more effective in a group setting (this is generally accepted as the least effective of coaching because it lacks a more personal component). Ask your life coach questions about how they feel most comfortable working, and make sure that it jives with your own desires. Do not compromise on this point. You’ll need to be very comfortable with the session setting in order to derive maximum benefit from the experience.

  • How will you help me determine and achieve the right goals?

Your life coach needs to be completely tuned into you in order to offer you suggestions as to what are the best goals for you.  You’ll want your life coach to be able to provide you with not only the specific goals but also establish milestones along the way as you draw closer and closer to them.

Armed with these life coach questions, you can begin your search for the best professional to meet your every need.

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