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Defining a Leadership Coach

When someone asks you what a coach is, the image of a sports coach or a personal trainer might come to mind. This coach might guide you through the necessary steps it takes to finish a competitive game or reach a desired physical state. A Leadership Coach, on the other hand, fulfills a more encompassing role. The training a Leadership Coach provides is not merely confined to a task or palpable goal; it is rather a training in a life altering regimen. To become a leader, one must explore the mien of decision maker and decision follower. One must learn to evaluate a group and effectively position oneself in the most beneficial role. This action takes both practice and wisdom, and a Leadership Coach can guide a trainee through this practice via visible examples and conversation.

Defining Leadershipleadership coaching

Leadership is often portrayed as a status symbol or a role which has been won through intense competition. While competition for leadership roles is not necessarily a negative thing, a leader cannot merely bulldoze his or her way into this role through fear or intimidation. Managers or supervisors often say they do not want to be liked, they want to be obeyed. This attitude towards those who are led is often more harmful and counterproductive than a roundabout approach. No employee or group member is going to want to give their best for the leader who makes them feel inferior or cowed. A fair leader should ideally be respected during both the hard and easy decisions based on his or her record of fair and inclusive choices. Leaders must search introspectively for implications of habitual actions and reactions and then carry this knowledge towards group management. Without a coach, the new leader’s personal biases and preferences can overpower situations and create havoc within a group. Employees and group members will pay attention to not only the directions but also the way in which directions are given, and a well experienced Leadership Coach can guide coachees in communication methods and practices.

Leadership Coaches Teaching Methods

An average group will need a leader who can foster group discussion, initiate beneficial changes and work through conflict. Every healthy group will experience some amount of controversy, and a leader should be involved in its resolution. Effective communication and fair judgment are vital tools in group resolution, thus a Leadership Coach will be someone with experience in these fields and a coherent way of honing these skills. Each person utilizing a Leadership Coach will have different needs based on their insecurities, biases, methods of reaction, etc. Many people find it helpful to self inspect shortcomings and areas of improvement before seeking a Leadership Coach and then requesting one who can help in that specific field. Professional Leadership Coaches may use fictitious situations or imagined obstacles to prepare their trainee for leadership in a group.

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