Executive Life Coaching

Executive Life Coaching FAQ—Reaching Your Full Potential

What is executive life coaching?

Simply put, executive life coaching is the process of seeking out a coaching professional to help you reach your goals and full potential within your career and, by extension, throughout every aspect of your life. Whether done on a one on one basis or as part of a team, coaching can help you become the executive you always knew you could be.

What are some typical executive life coaching goals?

The goals you set for yourself during the executive life coaching experience are personal, and depend on what your individual desires and limitations are. However, some of the most common goals set by those embarking on executive life coaching include improving work performance, achieving a higher level of satisfaction from work, learning to communicate more effectively with coworkers, and reaching long set professional goals.

What is the role of the executive life coach?

Executive life coaching depends on your own willingness to implement change. The role of the coach is to evaluate what areas need the most work, and then teach you how to improve upon these areas until you are at the level you desire. They will provide support, clarification, direction, and suggestions to help you achieve your performance goals. They will also provide you with hints and strategies for keeping all area of your life (not just your career) in balance.

Why use an executive life coach?

You already have the tools for success within yourself. Executive life coaching brings out those talents and teaches you how to refine them and make the most of them. Just as a professional basketball player knows how to best use his innate talents when guided by an athletic coach, so too can you learn to perfect your skills with the use of a career coach.

How is executive life coaching conducted?

This really depends on you and the coach you select. Some executive life coaches prefer strictly face to face meetings, while others are comfortable doing phone sessions or internet meetings. Still others will recommend a combination of the three. Decide whether or not you are comfortable with these methods before selecting an executive life coaching professional, as you should choose the manner that works best for you.

How does executive life coaching work?

Your executive life coach is not there to tell you what to do, or how to do your job. Instead, they are there to help you redefine the choices you are making and the goals you are trying to achieve. Executive life coaching will give you the tools to unclutter your life and see the skills that you already posses. It will help you draw upon your strengths—even the ones you aren’t aware that you have yet. Through observation and dialog, you will learn new ways to get where you always wanted to be.

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