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Life Coaching: Getting Yourself Unstuck

Once thought of as a new age fad or a passing phase, more people than ever before are turning to life coaching for help achieving their goals and getting the most out of their everyday lives. Why? Simply put, because it works. There are times when life seems to be on “pause.” Call it a rut, a stall, or a difficult moment—however you put it, these trying times can have you questioning your purpose and the very things that used to motivate you. That’s where life coaching comes in.

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If you’re still having trouble coming to terms with the need for life coaching, consider a very real example. Think of your favorite basketball team. As a group of athletes, they might just win a few games. With luck, they’ll score a few baskets and not make too many errors. But would they play to their fullest potential without any kind of guidance? Probably not. Now, take that same group of athletic, strong, and capable players—and give them a coach. Someone who will teach them not only the basic rules of the game, but how to make the most of their individual abilities. With an impartial perspective, that coach can evaluate the team and see who is best equipped to handle each position. He can also see what areas need to be tweaked, and give encouragement from the sidelines. More, he can give that tem a plan before they set foot on the court that helps them throughout every moment of that game. Anyone who’s ever turned on ESPN knows the truth behind the saying “A good coach makes a team.” Suddenly, you have a team that wins playoffs. And that’s exactly where you want to be.

Dr. Michele Brennan, member of MyCoachMatch

Dr. Michele Brennan, member of MyCoachMatch

Your life is no different. You have the ability to do great things—the potential is there. But as you get bogged down by the minutia of everyday life and worrying about all of the tiny things that make up a great big day, you might be missing out on the ways to take advantage of your abilities. A life coach, just like a sports coach, will show you how to get the most from your daily “training.” Life coaching is no longer reserved for the rich or famous. Everyone, no matter their position in life or their career path, can reap the benefits of quality life coaching.

Whether it’s advancing in your job, achieving a long time goal, or simply learning to make sense of a daily existence that’s gotten hectic and out of control, life coaching is an effective and practical way to get yourself ‘unstuck’. A life coach will help you discover what’s important in your life (you might be surprised to find that it’s not always what you think it is) and then get you to where you want to be.

Whether long term of for a short while, life coaching might just turn out to be exactly what you need to get you where you want to be.

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