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Health Coaching: What’s Right for You?

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Corporate versus Individual

The world we live in is becoming more and more conscious of the way it looks, how much it weighs and how much all of the unhealthy habits we have will cost in the end. And today, corporations are getting in on the health coaching trend, as well. More and more people are being asked to either shape up or ship out and in a very subtle way.

health coachAll of this demand has created an explosion of newly minted Health Coaches.  Health coaching gave birth to Wellness Coaches, Wellness Coaches to Wellness Plans and Wellness Plans to the black listing of anyone who still smokes or likes a little extra mashed potatoes at dinner. Today’s corporate environment stresses many of these measures.

Health coaching serves a wonderful and life altering purpose for many. Life experience, however, teaches us that anything force fed or initiated for the wrong reasons is nearly always doomed to failure. That’s why it’s essential to seek out health coaching on your own—not as part of some corporate crackdown on lack of productivity.

What are Health Coaches

Health Coaching instructs us on how to live healthier lives through better eating habits, fitness routines, and cleaner living habits. Health coaches encourage a goal oriented approach to find solutions for living a healthy lifestyle.  Specifically, they are:

  • Facilitators of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth
  • Guiding individuals to achieve balance
  • Aid in encouraging aspects of the person that are filled with wisdom
  • A Teacher who promotes higher energy and improved success

Why Health Coaching?

Many of us may know the way to a healthier life, but we aren’t able to put it into play. Health coaching can help motivate you, getting you to see that the changes you may need aren’t really as tough as you may think. Health coaches create a health education atmosphere where it becomes a focal point in your daily life.  Wouldn’t you rather have an experienced guide as you walk the path to fitness and a healthy lifestyle?  Let a Health Coach show you how to be who you’ve always wanted to be.

How will I work with my Health Coach?

Traditional meetings with a Health Coach are accomplished face to face, though there are scenarios where non-traditional coaching can be successful, as well. Non traditional health coaching consists of telephone or web based solutions, including chat and email. The ideal communication method is ultimately whichever one works best for both the coach and client. You’ll want to select a coach with whom you are very comfortable. There maybe be times you’ll be sharing private information involving special behaviors or unique concerns.

The most important aspect of health coaching is that you take part in it on your terms. You’ll want to get the most out of your experience and the best way to do so it by taking control yourself.

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