Executive Leadership Coaching

Building Effectiveness through Executive Leadership Coaching

For those reaching mid or senior management levels for the first time (or those who have been there for a while, but are feeling unsure of themselves) executive leadership coaching can be the key to getting your career to where you want it to be.

Whether one on one or in a group or team setting, executive leadership coaching is best suited for those employees:

  • Who are preparing for or have recently made a major step towards executive or leadership responsibilities.
  • Who have recently taken on a new position and are feeling unsure of their new responsibilities
  • Who have been at the same company or position for many years, and are having trouble keeping up with the technological advances that have happened in the past few years
  • Want to develop new and more effective methods for communicating with their coworkers
  • Know that they want more from their careers than what they currently have

During the course of your professional career, you’ll notice that some people thrive in a position of authority, while others fizzle. Wouldn’t you like to embrace the healthy career habits of those who do best at the top? With executive leadership coaching, you can. In fact, leadership coaching can not only help you with your current job or career stage, but it can also help you design a plan to get you wear you want to be in the future.

Among the many things that usually accompany qualified executive leadership coaching are:

  • A personalized custom assessment of where you stand now, along with a detailed evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your career
  • Feedback on any current or new job strategies that you’re employing
  • Resume or CV help
  • Face to face, online, or telephone support when need it, along with follow up calls and intense brainstorming sessions
  • Tips and strategies for being a better communicator
  • Ways to increase your productivity without further training your time and energy resources
  • Tips for putting your best foot forward during an interview
  • Optional “shadowing” services, where your coach follows you as you go through your daily routine, in order to offer you the best advice on how to maximize your time
  • Career planning: mapping out the goals you’d like to meet, and then creating a step by step guide for reaching them

Forget flying solo. Executive leadership coaching is all about building a better team leader. One that checks their ego at the door and is ready to build a powerful career and future for themselves.

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