Executive Business Coaching

Executive Business Coaching—What is it, and How Does it Work?

Executive business coaching is a way of helping your higher management teams expand their possibilities and make better decisions. Every executive wishes, dreams, and yearns for a better “someday”. They dream of the day when they work less, and produce more. With executive business coaching, you can take your employees from that “someday” to today. Focusing on possibilities that are available all around right now (and forgetting about the mistakes of the past) executive business coaches can teach your team to overcome the frustrations and limitations that are holding them back right now. In the process, you get a more focused work force, and your employees see more return for their hard work—it’s truly a win-win.

So just what is involved with executive business coaching?

While the actual process will probably vary from coach to coach, there are some steps that are present in just about every executive business coaching routine. In order to create goal oriented, achievement directed individuals, most coaches will include the following stages in their plan:


An evaluation is usually done at the very beginning of your executive business coaching program. This is where your coach will help you see exactly where you are now, and where you what to be. From there, you can determine if you’re truly ready for coaching. This is also the time when you will narrow down your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the best way to put them into play.

Defining a Plan of Action

Once the evaluation is complete, your executive business coaching professional will help you clarify your vision for the future. From there, you can set clearly defined goals. Once you know where you’re going, your coach will assist you in establishing a plan of action, along with a timetable to help you stick to your plan. This is also when you will discuss possible obstacles, as well as the best way to overcome them.

Following Through

This is the most essential part of your executive business coaching plan. Your coach will realistically and honestly help you evaluate your progress. It’s important to listen to the coach’s feedback, as it’s not criticism, but a real world look at the best way to put your plan into action. You will encounter difficulties. How you learn from them and grow professionally as a result of them is the real test of how much your executive business coaching is doing for you.

Your commitment to change is the most important part of the entire executive business coaching process. Once you know where you want to be, allow a professional coach to help you get there. For those that are truly ready to change, executive business coaching can make a huge difference in your career path.

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