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From Mating to Marriage: Dating Coaching for the Modern Maiden

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Ever go through a tough breakup (or two… or five) and have someone tell you that there are plenty of fish in the sea? While the old adage may certainly be true, there comes a time when a woman realizes that what she wants is a prize bass, not just another floating carp. If it seems like you spend all your time on the prowl and have yet to land exactly what you’re looking for, then it might be time for a little professional help. Cue the dating coach.

Dating couple in loveDating coaching is to the romance scene what a personal trainer is to the fitness world. The mission of the right dating coach is to give intelligent, motivated, and successful people the tools to create (and keep) the relationship they’ve always desired. Building long lasting love is about much more than finding someone whom you are physically attracted to—and smart women know that. But no matter how bright you are, there are things about the opposite sex that you simply do not realize.

Dating coaching addresses these blind spots; allowing you to see your love life in a new light. The best coaching embraces self awareness first, because the most important relationship in your life will always be the one with yourself. Only once you fully understand what your own wants and needs are will you be able to value the right partner.

So just what kind of issues will a dating coach help you address? For starters:

Landing that All Important Second Date

If you find yourself going on a lot of first dates, but the men you are most interested in don’t seem to share the enthusiasm, the problem may be how you are presenting yourself when in a man’s company. Are you breaking any or all of the cardinal rules of dating?

Meeting the Right People

Whether you’re looking to connect online or in person, a dating coach can help you nail the skills to attract the highest quality potential mates. Also, dating coaching can teach you the “right” and “wrong” ways to flirt and connect.

Looking Past the Emotionally Unavailable

Are you drawn to men who simply aren’t there for you? Let a dating coach introduce you to new decision making processes that will empower you to break your old patterns.

When you’re ready to start meeting the kind of people you deserve, then it’s time to look into dating coaching. Whether one on one or in a group setting, seeking help is the first step in building the future you’ve always dreamed of.  You can find a dating coach at MyCoachMatch, by completing our survey, here.

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