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Choosing a Small Business Coach

Dave has run his own maple syrup business in Vermont for almost 10 years. Today, he dreams of a bigger place, and international customers. Jill’s California flower shop is still in its infancy and she’s really struggling with trying to balance work and home. “Someday…”  That’s what they find themselves saying. But just how do they plan on getting to “someday”? Well, with small business coaching, they can get there sooner than they ever thought possible.

Are you struggling with getting your company to the place you want it to be? Small business coaching might be right for you, too.

What Does a Small Business Coach do?

One of the most common areas where most small businesses fail in is the ability to stay organized with all that is going on around them. Business owners wear many hats and have to be adept jugglers.  Small business coaching lends some order to the madness.  Ever try and work with a desk full of clutter? Piles of papers, pens, and sticky notes are not exactly the building blocks for success. When you’re struggling to build your company from the ground up, it can often feel like your whole life, and not just your work surface, is a jumble of disorder. Organization and decluttering (both literally and figuratively) are among the many areas where small business coaching can take your company to the next level.

Where Do You Find a Small Business Coach?

If are considering small business coaching, a good place to start might be your local Chamber of Commerce. Here, you may find a local organization that caters to the unique needs of your market. Most Chambers of Commerce should have this information for the asking.

A great place to find small business coaching professionals is online, and particularly on our site, (find a coach now). The internet is the perfect tool for finding both local and national business coaching resources. Using websites and search engines geared specifically towards the needs of a fledgling business owner can help you tailor your business coaching to meet your individual needs.

Making your selection

The success of your business will potentially ride on the ultimate selection of your small business coach. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. With so much riding on your final choice, you’ll want to make sure and do some serious investigating.

Once you’ve done your online research, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask questions. How long have they been involved with small business coaching? What kinds of companies have they worked with? Have they worked with small businesses in your field? What kind of results do they offer?

When you’ve narrowed your small business coaching selection down to a small group of candidates, you’ll want to arrange a face to face meeting (if possible) with all potential coaches. During these meetings, be prepared to ask some very tough questions. Get a good sense of the coach’s style, and what his plans are for your small business. Make your final decision only after you have spent a day or two looking over your notes.

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