Types of Life Coaches

If you’re searching for a coach for either personal or business growth, there are a number of different coach types available to help. Here is a brief list of coach types we have available on our site:

ADHD Coaching

Simply put, an A.D.H.D. coach is someone you trust to guide you through the daily struggles of your illness. It’s essential that you be comfortable with your coach. You need to feel safe in sharing your private information and intimate thoughts with them, as A.D.H.D coaching is a very personal endeavor.  Learn more about ADHD Coaching here.

Business Coaching

The best candidates for business coaching are those employees and companies that want to take things to the next level. They are the ones that would like to become better leaders and listeners—and they are also looking to improve their own positions, as well as those around them. Learn more about Business Coaching here.

Business Leadership Coaching

In today’s business world, you can use every competitive edge available. This is exactly what you get when you hire a business leadership coach. These professionals have the business savvy to increase the productivity of managers, as well as subordinate employees, improve the leadership skills of directors and managers and earning and keeping the business of loyal customers. Learn more about Business Leadership Coaching here.

Business Life Coaching

To achieve the success you desire in business and your personal life requires a significant amount of discipline, as well as the ambition and control to stay focused when unforeseen events threaten your hard work. Many successful people will agree that while there is no instruction booklet to getting where you want to be in life, having a good mentor can prevent considerable hardship and anguish. This is why business life coaches have become such an asset to so many. Armed with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve success, business life coaches afford countless advantages to driven individuals in all walks of life. Learn more about Business Life Coaching here.

Career Coaching

Whether you have recently completed your degree or are preparing to start college, a career coach can help you identify the best path to achieve what is important to you. Career coaches know how overwhelming the job market can be, but they also know what it takes to be successful. Give yourself the power to accomplish all of your career goals.  Learn more about Career Coaching here.

Christian Life Coaching

A Christian life coach is someone firmly grounded in the teachings of the Bible who, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is able to lead you to a life pleasing to God by challenging you to develop the healthy habits honoring your faith.

Dating Coaching

Whether you go on numerous dates each week or cannot remember the last time you went on a date, if you are less than enthused about the direction your love life is going, a dating coach could be the answer. Dating coaches are not matchmakers, instead these knowledgeable professionals offer insight and advice that can lead you to your soul mate.

Divorce Coaching

Divorces are typically ugly, highly emotional situations. But what if issues regarding custody, finances and property could be resolved without the majority of the emotions and drama? This is no hypothetical situation, in fact, this is precisely what divorce coaches provide. By removing the personal attachment, divorce coaches can effectively move the proceedings forward so that all of the individuals involved can begin the healing process.

Executive Coaching

Knowing different ways to approach, guide, and motivate your employees is an essential part of running a successful business or department. Executive coaching gives you the tools you need to not only move yourself up the corporate ladder, but help those that work under you as well.

Executive Business Coaching

Whether you are trying to maintain your position or hoping to ascend to the top of your company, executive business coaches can offer the inside advice to help you reach your full potential and attain the life you have always wanted for yourself and your family. An executive business coach can help you reach the highest rung of your career ladder.

Executive Career Coaching

So you know you want to be a top executive in a solid company, but you are not quite sure how to make this goal materialize? An executive career coach can answer this question and any others you might have. By hiring an executive career coach you are making an investment in you career that will positively change your life.

Executive Leadership Coaching

It is no secret that the best leaders make the best executives. However, most people need a little guidance to become good leaders. An executive leadership coach is ideal for an executive who wants to take on more leadership responsibilities, a leader who is new to his position or anyone who would like to improve his organization through enhanced leadership.

Executive Life Coaching

If everyone could recognize precisely what behaviors or actions prevent them from reaching their dreams, it would be effortless to realize any aspiration by working toward it. The hurdles that always seem to come from thin air would be a thing of the past. With an executive life coach, this is possible. By observing your reactions to situations and designing a proactive plan, an executive life coach can eliminate obstacles to your success.

Health Coaching

Health coaching serves a wonderful and life altering purpose for many. Life experience, however, teaches us that anything force fed or initiated for the wrong reasons is nearly always doomed to failure. That’s why it’s essential to seek out health coaching on your own

Leadership Coaching

Whatever you hope to achieve in your life, leadership skills are an asset. A leadership coach can help you sharpen communication and public speaking skills, and offering advice about building relationships with clients, subordinates and colleagues.

Life Coaching

There are times when life seems to be on “pause.” Call it a rut, a stall, or a difficult moment—however you put it, these trying times can have you questioning your purpose and the very things that used to motivate you. That’s where life coaching comes in.

Life Skills Coaching

To achieve personal fulfillment, you need to identify and attain specific goals. However, with so much going on in your daily life, it can be difficult to know which direction you need to go. For the guidance and advice to help you reach your aspirations, a life skills coach can prove invaluable. Helping you recognize the most direct path to your target and keeping you focused, life skills coaches are a great source of inspiration and motivation.

Money Coaching

Everyone uses money, but few people fully understand how to use it wisely. To be debt free and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle takes special skills. Money coaches provide solutions for household budgeting, investing, using credit wisely, and saving for retirement. With the principles offered by a money coach, you can live the life you want to live.

NLP Life Coaching

Whether you want to improve personal or professional relationships, NLP life coaches can offer skills and techniques to accommodate your needs. Learn valuable negotiation skills, adjust negative behavior and build better relationships with clients, colleagues and partners.

Personal Coaching

Too many people are going through life with a half charged battery—not to mention a leaky radiator and rusty spark plugs. How can you expect to handle all of life’s dangerous curves if you’re not running at your best? Personal coaching helps you get back on the road.

Recovery Coaching

Fighting an addiction is one of the hardest things anyone will ever do. However, the life-altering decision to live addiction free is not something you have to conquer alone. Recovery coaches understand how difficult this journey can be and can provide valuable guidance and techniques to make the transition smoother.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaches focus on the relationships that are most important to you: romantic, family or professional. Working to improve communication, honesty and balance, relationship coaches can help you develop quality, lasting bonds with those who mean the most to you.

Small Business Coaching

You have the entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you have already realized your vision or perhaps you are still in the early stages of planning. Either way, a small business coach can help you decide where to go next. By lending his wisdom and knowledge in all aspects of running a successful business, a small business coach can help you take your dream to the next level.

Sports Coaching

A sports coach helps athletes train and develop their abilities. Equipped with knowledge regarding sports nutrition, muscle building, physical conditioning, and other athletic principles, sports coaches help individuals of all ages and athletic disciplines reach their full potential.

Wellness Coaching

Life is a balancing act. Maintaining a busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle can seem impossible. However, a wellness coach can provide the tools and knowledge to make good health attainable, even with a busy schedule. You owe it to yourself and your family to be at your best and a wellness coach can show you how to do it.

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