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Success Coach – Coach Queenie

Interview with Success Coach Queenie

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn and I am the founder of We are a website that matches coaches with clients based on fit. I am here with Coach Queenie. She is a success coach who specializes in social media marketing. Welcome Coach Queenie.

Success Coach Queenie: Hi Corey! I’m so glad to be here.

Corey: Great to have you. So, could you share with us, why are you a coach?

Success Coach Queenie: The thing with me is, before being a coach, I was a banker. Throughout my whole life, my teachers, especially from primary school always told me, “Queenie, you are going to be working for the rest of your life, be sure you choose something you are interested in.” So, I’ve always kept that in mind. Every job I did – I’ve done over probably 10 or 20 professions – but every job I did was more about what interested me. So, every time I got bored of a job, I would go and find something else that would interest me. And, I got to the point where people were saying, “Queenie, you have to stop jumping around. You have to stay in a job for, like, at least 5 or 10 years and build up from there.” And so, I listened to them. I’ve went into banking, and I’ve been in banking for over 10 years. But then, I got bored, and everything I did in banking was so boring that I had to get myself amused by doing extracurricular activities. So, I did a lot of volunteer work. I did a lot of teaching on the side. And I did anything and everything to help people because that is where I felt fulfilled and that is where my passion lied. It was in helping people. So, I decided to give myself some time off. I came back to Toronto – after being in Asia for over 9 years, just to take a break. I said to myself, “You know what Queenie, if you come back to Toronto where your family is and you continue doing what you did, then nothing changes.” I’m just in a new environment doing the same thing. I’m thinking, that’s a bit silly. Why would I want to do that? So, I thought… why waste all this time moving to a different place and do the same thing? That thought made no sense to me. So, I said to myself, “I am going to give myself a year off. I don’t know what I am going to do in that year, but once I figure it out, then I’ll figure it out, and that’s sort of how all started.” Because for me, I was always helping people, and that’s where I feel that my strengths lied, no matter what I did. When I came across coaching, I did all this research starting to realize – wait a minute, this is exactly what I’ve been doing all my life – but I just didn’t realize that there was a profession for it. Now, I was reflecting back than… I might be a teacher, I might be a social worker, I might be working in the hospital, but I didn’t realize that coaching could be a profession. When I discovered that, that’s when I came on board and I started to do a lot of research to find a reputable, credible school that could provide me the skill sets to be in this profession.

Corey: Yeah. So, when should someone consider working with you as a coach?

Success Coach Queenie: With me… coaching is really interesting. Coaching is like looking for a trainer at the gym or it’s like looking for a therapist or it’s like looking for somebody that you trust and you feel comfortable to be around with, right? And you know, if you are going through a family crisis and you need a doctor, you obviously want to choose someone you could connect with or if you are going through a law case and you are fighting for a divorce, you want to select a lawyer that connects with you, and that is in your best interest. Selecting a coach is the same thing, the same process. As for a coach, you want to choose somebody that you feel

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connected with, that you trust, because when you are working with a coach, you have to be very open. You have to be so frank and you have to have that trust there or else, the relationship or the coaching relationship would never happen or workout. So, you have to feel connected and drawn to the person that you choose to be your coach.

Corey: So, who’s an ideal client for you?

Success Coach Queenie: I’ve been exploring this a lot because I am very new at the industry. I’ve been around for one year, however, I’ve done a lot of experiential learing. I’ve attended many seminars. I’ve coached anybody and everybody that came to me. So, it didn’t matter how old they were, what they were doing with their lives or anything like that. And what I discovered is, that the type of people who are drawn to me, there are two types. The first ones are students. They are young adults who are trying to find their way and they don’t know what to do with their life after school. They are the confused. They are lost, and they love talking to me because I have the experience and the knowledge that I’ve been through to be able to guide them in a direction that’s suitable for them, and then the second group that is drawn to me are actually very well educated, experienced coaches themselves, which is quite interesting, because I had never thought that they would be drawn to me. But the reason why they were drawn to me is because they have all this experience and knowledge but social media, computers, Internet – that’s all foreign to them. So they appreciate my guidance providing them with what they already know and implementing that on to a global platform. They understand that I understand them, so they trust me to guide them in the right direction that would best fit their marketing or business needs.

Corey: That’s great. And I know from experience, that is a very big need in the industry. So that’s great that you are able to help. So, how important, in your experience as a coach, is a match between a coach and a client?

Success Coach Queenie: How important? It’s the key to the coaching relationship. So, without it nothing happens and I don’t believe in – like even for myself – I don’t believe that you would know; One day you wake up in the morning and say you want a coach, I don’t believe that the first person you see is going to be the person that you are going to hire as a coach. I believe in a screening process. So, similar to a land lord who is looking for a tenant, right? You don’t want to accept anybody that comes in and says, “I want to rent your place.” You want to screen them based on the criteria’s that you set forth, right? Maybe you want a non-smoker, no pets, etc. Whatever the reasons maybe, a coach is the same thing, and for me, it is all about trusting intuition. Like, it’s a gut feeling and you know whether you’ll be able to help that person because yes, even thought I could accept anybody and everybody, but you also take into consideration that, we don’t have time for that and we want to be able to maximize what we can do for you and the only way we could do that for you, is if we both feel like there is a need that we could both meet for the other party, and that takes time. So, it doesn’t happen immediately and it takes time. For example, myself, I will be doing my practicum in coaching in December. I delayed it for a year. I wanted to gain more coaching experience myself first, and now I’m ready. But, now, for me, even I need to go find a coach. So, I need to screen some coaches who are ICF qualified, which means International Coach Federation, and I’ll be doing screening too because I need someone to coach me as well, as we go through this learning experience together.

Corey: Could you share with me a success story?

Success Coach Queenie: Success story? Well, I don’t know where to start because there’s quite a few interesting stories that come about and I guess the one that comes in mind as I’m speaking to you is… I received an e-mail from this person in the U.S. and she declared to me in her e-mail that she was in crisis – I couldn’t sleep that night because I was thinking, I don’t know how to handle this. I don’t know whether I’m the appropriate person for her to speak to, right? Because, maybe, she needs to speak to a 1-800 helpline number or somebody that deals with suicides because I had no idea what she meant when she wrote what she wrote. So, I didn’t respond until the next day and I stayed calm about it, and then when I responded, I said, “you know, are you sure that I’m the right person that you want to speak to? Right? Because I don’t live close to you and maybe it’s better for you to have someone in the neighbourhood to speak to you instead of me because I am not close enough.” She has been following me for a while through my social media, so she knows who I am and I guess she has grown to be comfortable with me just based on my presence. She said, “no, Queenie, I want you to work with me.” I said, “Okay. But let me let you know first that there is only so much I could do for you and if it does come to the point we need someone to be there with you where you are situated then I could just try to reach out to see if there is anybody in the area that could help.” So, it’s those kind of things, that sometimes come out of the blue, but then at the same time it provides you with the most fulfilment because you start to see and realize that people are out there listening to you even though you may not be able to hear them all the time, but when they do reach out to you, they totally trust you and they are willing to share everything about them so that you can help guide them and to me, that’s the core of coaching, and that’s the core of being of service to help someone, and yeah, those are the kind of experiences that I’ll always remember.

Corey: That’s wonderful. Well, thank you Queenie so much for being here today. I really appreciate it.

Success Coach Queenie: Thank you.

About Success Coach Queenie:

Success Life Coach QueenieCoach Queenie is a success coach who specializes in helping small business create powerful social media marketing.

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