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As human beings, our need for contact and interaction often drives us in and out of relationships. In the past, the rules were simple: men and women dated, married, and stayed together for the duration. Long term fulfillment and happiness were not a priority, relationship coaching didn’ t exist, and divorce was something that was only spoken of in hushed whispers.

getting marriedFast forward a few generations, and the old rules have been thrown completely out the window. Today, when someone is caught up in an unhappy relationship, it is not uncommon for them to simply walk away and begin afresh. But what happens when you find yourself constantly drifting from one person to another, without finding any real gratification? According to the US Census Bureau, there are more single people today than at any other time in history. With so many people struggling to find “ the one” in a sea of available partners, now may be the perfect time to look into relationship coaching.

Just what makes relationship coaching so successful? Is a coach the same thing as a therapist? And how do you go about finding the relationship coach that will work best for you? Here’ s a look at some coaching facts to help you on your quest for lasting love:

A Coach is Not a Therapist

Unlike therapy, which has its roots in medicine, relationship coaching was born from ideas of personal growth. That means that a coach doesn’ t take the approach that a client is in need of healing, but rather that the person is already whole, and simply needs to be given the right problem solving tools to bring them to the highest level of functioning. And where therapy turns to the past to find the source of a problem, relationship coaching is more concerned with looking towards a better future.

The Journey, not the Destination

Despite the title, a good relationship coach realizes that finding a significant other is but one important aspect of a full life. They will encourage their clients to establish long term goals in many different areas, not just finding a partner or improving an existing (and rocky) relationship. The most important relationship in anyone’ s life is the one they have with themselves, and it’ s essential to maximize that one before moving on to finding a life partner.

Laws of Attraction

Another important aspect of relationship coaching is learning new skills for meeting new people. Once you develop a plan for a successful relationship, your coach will help you expand a list of places to meet a potential life partner, as well as coping skills to make sure you are ready for a committed relationship.

Interested in learning more about relationship coaching?  Read our interview with David Steele, founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute.

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