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The Path to Making Personal Changes

personal growthIt can be hard to admit when you need to make personal changes that will help you be a better person, and many of us delay those changes even when we know that they are necessary. You may continue to smoke even after a visit with your doctor, or you let your anxiety keep you from excelling at work. If you find yourself putting off the changes that you need to make, you need to identify your barriers so that you can take the next steps to being a better person.


There are several things that may keep you from making personal improvements. You may feel anxious about the process of change and what it will mean for your life, or you may find it easier to procrastinate rather than make the necessary improvements. You may experience exasperation or feel like a failure during the process of changing your behaviors, or you may tell yourself that you don’t deserve to be better. No matter what your reasons for not changing may be, you can overcome these barriers and start on the road to success.

Three Levels of Change

There are three levels that you must address in order to stop letting barriers get in the way of personal progress. The first is the practical level, which is where you accumulate the information you need in order to make the change. You may also map out your thoughts and formulate a plan that will help you reach your goals. The second level is the empirical level. This is where you label the barriers that may delay your progress and make plans to overcome them. The third level is the core level, which is where you identify your personal issues that may prevent you from being successful. When you change the way you perceive yourself or the actions of others, you are working at the core level.

Making Changes

The way you approach the path to personal change is up to you. However, making changes at the core level is usually the most efficient approach to self-improvement. When you target core issues, such as self-doubt, anxiety or fear, you will find that the other levels of change are also affected.

Everyone has something that he would like to change, but not everyone is willing to go through the process of personal change. If you would like to improve yourself, then it may help to analyze each level of change to see which one may be the best approach for you.

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By Corey Quinn

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