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Thank you for your commitment to coaching excellence.  We are witnessing the maturation of the coaching industry, and with this maturity comes great opportunity for coaches to establish flourishing, healthy businesses that supports them and their families. At, we help your coaches effectively launch and grow full and thriving practices–taking the skills that you have provided them and putting them to work. We take your coaches and get them coaching.

Our coach training program, called Online Marketing Fundamentas for Coaches offers your coaches all the practical tools they need for building their business online.  As our partner, we provide this training to your graduates for free.

Here are the details about our training program.

Online Marketing Fundamentals for Coaches

This training provides the critical essentials every coach must do online to grow a thriving practice including:

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  • Learn how to develop a niche and an online presence to promote your practice
  • How to craft copy that attracts clients
  • Social Media to increase brand awareness and findability
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase findability online


By completing this program, your graduates will:

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  • Understand why having a niche will lead to more clients
  • Know the advantages of having a website, a blog, or both
  • Know how to develop copy that improves online visibility and compels clients to call them and not another coach
  • Know which social media networks are the most important for client development
  • Know how to build power networks using social media for getting more referrals
  • Know the top three secrets of winning in Search Engine Optimization
  • Know the number one resource to get found in local search
  • …and much more


Plus, all participants get access to continued online access to this valuable information.

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