How to Overcome Overwhelming Feelings of Guilt

feeling guiltyGuilt is a natural emotion that can quickly become overwhelming. While there are times when guilt is appropriate, there are also times when we let it dictate our feelings about our self-worth. If you are feeling guilt about something in your past, you need to decide if your feelings are appropriate. If the guilt is irrational, you need to let it go so that you can start living a happy life. Here are some tips that will help you overcome your feelings of irrational guilt.

Admit that You Made a Mistake

In order for your feelings of guilt to be healthy, you need to admit that you made a mistake, and you should feel remorse for the damage that you have done. However, you should also decide that you will

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not make the mistake again, which will help you look to the future instead of dwelling on the past.

Avoid Placing Judgments on Yourself

You may be tempted to punish yourself with negative thoughts, but you need to banish these in order to move past your overwhelming feelings of guilt. Avoid thinking about what you should or shouldn’t have done because these thoughts will not help you move forward. You cannot change the past, but you can reframe your thinking so that you can look forward to the future.

Repeat a Coping Message

A coping message will help you overcome your feelings of guilt when they begin to overwhelm you. You may tell yourself that you are not perfect and that you are not a terrible person when you make mistakes. You will need to focus on this message for several minutes at a time so that your feelings of guilt begin to fade and become more bearable.

Use Rational Alternatives to Combat Destructive Thinking

If you find yourself focusing on your negative thoughts about yourself, replace those thoughts with rational alternatives. Your negative thought patterns are destructive, and they can prevent you from reaching your personal and professional goals. It may take a lot of practice to convince yourself that you are not an awful person and that you deserve to be happy, but you will believe it if you continue to think positively.

Everyone makes mistakes, but it is how we handle those mistakes that define who we are. If you are overwhelmed by guilt, then you need to learn how to cope with it and move forward with your life. These tips will help you overcome your irrational guilt so that you can face a happy future.

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