How to Be an Optimist


If you are generally a pessimist at heart, then you are not doomed to always see the worst. By making a few adjustments to your thinking, you can become an optimist, which will help you cope with the difficult times in life while also enjoying each day to the fullest. Here are some tricks that will teach you how to think positively.

Listen to Yourself

Before you can become an optimist, you have to listen to the things you say to others so that you can hear how often you are being negative. You will also need to keep track of your negative thoughts by writing them down throughout the day. By identifying exactly when you are being pessimistic, you can start to change your pattern of thinking.

Think Positively

Back It Up
Once you have identified your negative thoughts, you can start to counter them with something that

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is positive. You may initially feel uncomfortable and unrealistic when you force yourself to see the sunny side of life, and you may feel as though you are being deceitful by letting your pessimistic thoughts take a back seat. However, this addition of positive thinking will help you slowly transform your overall outlook.

As you find yourself having negative thoughts during the day, take the time to write them down. Next to each thought, write down the evidence that supports your negative feeling. You can then add another column with a conflicting positive thought and its evidence. After you have practiced this for a while, you will soon be able to identify the evidence for each feeling without writing everything down.

Give Positive Feedback

Once you have started finding the positive aspects of your daily life, you can start giving others positive feedback. You can tell your coworker that he did well during his presentation or praise your daughter for her high grade in math. Your praise should also extend to yourself. Admit that you have done well at something or that you have succeeded where someone else has failed. Your positive feedback for others will brighten their day and encourage them to continue working hard, and you will start to feel a sense of confidence that may have been missing before.

You don’t need to live your life focusing on the negative things that happen. With a healthy dose of optimism, you can start enjoying the things that you experience daily while also bringing joy and positive thoughts to those around you.

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