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There are several factors that affect your productivity at work. Your company may send you to training to help you learn more about your field, or they may offer incentives to encourage you to improve your productivity and efficiency on the job. However, your level of satisfaction and the amount of effort that you put into your work is determined by your attitude and the way you approach your job. If you find yourself dreading each work day or feeling bored and unimportant, it is time to change your perspective and tackle your job differently. Here are some tips that will help you become more engaged on the job so that you feel like an essential and valuable member to the team.

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Define Your Job’s Purpose

No matter what your job may be, you play an important role in how the company functions, but you may need a little help determining exactly what your job’s purpose may be. To help you define your role in the workplace, turn to the company’s mission statement so that you can see the overall goals of the company. You can then analyze your job and how it helps the company reach those goals, which will give you a sense of your role and how you can serve others.

Accept Praise from Others

You may be tempted to devalue your accomplishments for the sake of humility, but this can make you feel as though you are not important to the company. When someone in the office praises something that you have done, accept their compliments graciously. You should also feel comfortable telling your boss or supervisor about something that you have done that you feel will be beneficial for the business.

Take Time to Focus on Work

Many people feel as though they stay busy constantly while they are at work, but their productivity may be affected by phone calls, emails and text messages. While it may only take you a minute to answer the phone or reply to an email, it can take you another few minutes to recover from the distraction and get back to the work at hand. These minutes add up during the day, which means that you ultimately are not as productive as you could be. By taking a few breaks throughout the day to make phone calls and answer messages, you can improve your efficiency at work while also giving yourself some time to regroup and refocus before you dive back in.

While it is important for the company to create a welcoming and comfortable work environment, your satisfaction with your job is ultimately in your hands. By changing your approach to your role and how you work, you can leave for home at the end of each day feeling productive and satisfied with the job you have done.

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