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Why Become a Life Coach?

Some people always seem to know what to do in a tough situation. They are told over and over by their friends and family members that they give great advice and they might even begin to consider helping even more people by becoming a life coach. Few people understand, however, where to get life coach training or how to become a life coach. They often do not know the benefits and drawbacks of this profession. Embarking on a new career is always a difficult situation, but for some, deciding to become a life coach may be the best choice they ever make, leading to a fulfilling career and a personally rewarding professional life.

To even consider becoming a life coach, a person must possess several skills. Good life coaches are always good communicators. They must be insightful and inventive, ready to tackle any problems that may arise in their clients’ lives. They must also be authentic people who live according to their values and are generally satisfied with their own lives and the choices that they make. Finally, a life coach must be passionate about helping others reach their full potential personally, professionally, or both.

For a person who possesses all of these qualities, becoming a life coach comes with a variety of benefits. Most importantly, it is an extremely rewarding career. Life coaches have the opportunity to help others get the most out of their lives and careers. Every day, life coaches get the satisfaction of not only doing their job well, but of helping other people manage their issues and improve their quality of life.

Additionally, life coaching is an extremely flexible career. Life coaches can pick their own hours, choosing when they want to work and with whom. Some life coaches work with corporate clients, while others help individuals reach personal goals. Life coaches may work either out of an office or from home. Some even work over the telephone or Internet, making their location irrelevant and freeing them up to travel whenever they please.

Life coaching can also be a lucrative profession. Life coaches set their own pay rate, determining what they would like to charge based on their experience and client base. Coaching fees generally range between $100 and $300 per hour, with an average rate of $130 per hour. Coaches who work with corporate clients can frequently charge even more than this, making this career not only personally fulfilling, but also financially rewarding.

If a person believes that they are well suited to life coaching, they have a few options for how to become a life coach and begin their career. The first of these is to just start coaching; no degree or certification is actually required, although certification can be helpful for establishing credibility. Another route is to get certified from a life coach training program.  You can learn about the life coach certification programs we recommend here:

Life Coach Certification

For people with the right personality traits, life coaching can be a dream job, offering all of the freedom that they desire with the security of a steady and lucrative job. While it often takes some work to complete life coach training, receive certification, and get started in this field, this effort is made absolutely worthwhile when it results in such a rewarding career.

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