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Life Coach Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore

Interview with Life Coach and Trainer Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn and I am the founder of We are a site that helps clients get matched up with coaches based on personality fit. I am here with Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore. She is a trainer and a life coach. Welcome Jennifer!

Life Coach Jennifer: Thank you Corey.

Corey: Could you share with us, why are you a life coach?

Life Coach Jennifer: Well, I’m a life coach I think by happy accident. I really feel like it was my calling. Many, many years ago, to be honest, what I did was I started out on my own path of healing only solely for myself, with no intention of helping anyone else, and yeah, rather selfishly, I call it the gift of desperation. I just set out to kind of learn everything I could to heal myself from my own life. So you know, you name a self-help book, I read it. Of course, seminar, I have definitely taken it. Any healing modality that’s available or accessible in New York City, I’ve tried it, and as a result, as a by-product of all that education, you know, which I now look back at and realize was 10 years of probably my training for my life’s work. My life started to change dramatically. All the dreams that I have once only fantasized about became a reality. Everyone around me started to say, you know, what’s happened to you? I want some of that! Can you tell me? Can you share? And I felt very compelled to share what I have learned. I had like this burning desire to just let people know what I had learned because I have struggled myself for so long. So I would start to pass it on and everywhere I went, people would say, “Wow! You should teach a course!” And eventually, I have heard that enough that I said, alright, let’s try this. You know, the first class was just three friends and they loved it so much the next week, nine strangers came back and the rest is history. You know, I’ve been doing this for almost a decade now. It’s been over 800 women, all word of mouth. I don’t advertise at all. And to be honest, I really feel like I am a lucky one. I mean, I feel like I have the greatest job in the world. I get up every morning and I get to help people be their best selves and to realize their dreams. It’s great.

Corey: Wow. That’s a great story. I love it. You started from your own journey through self help and you were able to use that to help others. I think that’s really great. So, when should a client consider coming to one of your courses or coming to you on a one-on-one basis?

Life Coach Jennifer: A client [Inaudible 02:33] work primarily, I work solely with women. It’s no offense to men. I think men are amazing and lots of men sign their wives up and their girlfriends up and their sisters up. I’m you know, a big fan, but because I’m a woman and I do think there are particular issues for women, I work solely with women. So I would say when a woman should reach out is when you know, she is ready and willing to make positive changes in their lives. So, you know, I get two types of women, women that either their lives are really great on every [Inaudible 03:02], they are just looking on even bigger, better, fuller lives, or I get women that are struggling in one or more area in their lives. You know, maybe they want that special relationship with someone and it eludes them or they want to make more money. They want to find work that they love. They want to be happier. So, that would be the ideal woman to contact me.

Corey: Okay. So, could you share with me the importance of a match between a coach and a client?

Life Coach Jennifer: Yeah. Actually, I think it’s extremely important and I think it’s brilliant, what you’re doing. You know, like I mentioned to you earlier, reason being, I think it’s everything. You know, chemistry between two people is everything and in fact, that’s why I work the way that I do. So for me, if a woman comes to me, I will never work with her one-on-one until she has taken my foundation course. That’s the prerequisite to work with me individually. It is a 6-week course called “The Power of Right Now” and basically, what it does is it lays out every philosophy, school of thought, theory, concept that I believe is [Inaudible 04:05] in making positive changes in their lives. So women come in. They take that class and they experience a lot of change very quickly. It is very proactive. They get a real sense of me, my style, my energy, you know, how much I care about really investing and getting invested in helping them in bettering their lives. So, they like me. They like my style. They like what I’m about. They then have that opportunity if they’d like to work with me one on one. So I really let the clients dictate everything including how frequently she feels she needs to see me now. You know, if I had an opinion and they ask for it, I will absolutely voice it. There is a time where I do feel it would be very beneficial to work once a week, but there are times when I think, you know, someone does very well on their own and they are very capable of, you know, taking actions on their own. So, it might be [Inaudible 04:52] just monthly. So I really allow my clients to dictate what they need and I am here to help them in any way that they feel is necessary.

Corey: That’s great. So could you share with me a success story?

Life Coach Jennifer: You know what, I cannot pick one success story. Honestly, I have witnessed so many amazing, you

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know, miracles and dreams materialize. I feel like I would offend my clients by just you know, singled out one of them. Honestly, one of my greatest, like perks to my job is getting to my inbox every single morning and finding a few e-mails and like, “Thank you so much Jen Mac! You know, I can’t believe this happened when I came to you.” But I would say, you know, I have had many, many women come to me that have been like you know, out of the dating scene for a decade plus or have been single or burned. They come to me and throw a work together. They’ll open their heart up and let in a wonderful guy to learn how to really effectively communicate. They’ll get married. They’ll have children. They’ll buy their dream home. I have also had women come to me that were in tremendous amounts of debt. I’d help them you know, debt [Inaudible 06:04] noble idea for some people and learn how to start to save towards dreams realized by beach homes, start businesses. I have got a lot of moms that wants to run the workforce and felt like, Jen Mac, there is no way I could work from home doing what I love and I’m like, yes there is! Let’s do it. Let’s design it. Let’s you know, create this and now I am happy to say I’ve got many moms who are working from home doing what they love, making more money than they made when they were working in the office, and I think one of the things I feel most proud of being a part of how many clients would come to me, where they were on medication and they really believe they are going to be on medication the rest of their lives. Now, I’m a huge believer in you know, modern medicine or science being used. I think it is great being used to get people through a period of life or to deal with some, you know, deep-rooted issues, but I don’t believe that for the majority of people, that people have to be medicated their whole lives. So, there have been people that have come to me with you know – not for everyone, I’m just saying for lots of people I worked with, but they have come to me and said you know, I have been on anti-depression medication forever and I don’t want to be on it and you know, what if their doctor obviously is slowly weaning them off, but also doing this work and finding new ways to cope and skill – you know, coping mechanisms or skills to deal with life on the extremes, they have been able to get off their medications, and that’s something I feel so you know, proud about that I have been to [Inaudible 07:35] that kind of journey for people and that they are free and they now know how to find happiness within, without, having to use anything.

Corey: That’s great. Thank you so much Jennifer for spending some time with us today.

Life Coach Jennifer: You are very welcome Corey. Thank you.

About Life Coach and Trainer Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore:

Life coach JenniferSince January 4, 2003, Jennifer has taught her ‘Something Different For Women’ courses to over 700 women here in New York City as well as females around the globe; women in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Wisconsin, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, Copenhagen, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Yemen & Malaysia. Her ‘Something Different for Women’ series of courses was born out of endless requests from friends and strangers alike, who, over the course of many years, were attracted to Jennifer’s positive energy, inspirational words and her own personal successes and self motivation.

Jennifer’s diverse training is a compilation of 21 years studying with various schools, programs and courses for her own personal growth. She has in depth knowledge and first hand experience with cognitive-behavioral therapy (completing an intensive eight years of individual therapy and four years of group therapy). She has also studied Core Energetics here in New York City, has fifteen years experience with the program of AA, various other twelve step programs and for three years studied women’s history and the art of relationships (completing and assisting several advanced level courses at “Relationship Technologies”). In addition to all classes, courses and schooling, Jennifer has read hundreds of books on women’s studies, addiction, co-dependence, goal setting, quantum physics, eastern philosophies and the powers of consciousness.

Aside from teaching her courses, Jennifer also leads corporate trainings & speaks for organizations in and around New York City.

Jennifer is happily married to her husband & best friend for over ten years, Matt. They have a son, Tyler & a daughter, Reese. She splits her time between their two residences in New York City & Marshall’s Creek, Pennsylvania.

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