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Life Coach Christine Hassler

Interview with Life Coach Christine Hassler

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn, and I am the founder of We are a website that matches coaches with clients based on fit. I am here with Christine Hassler. She is a life coach. She is a spiritual counsellor. She is an author, a trainer. She is very talented and I’m thrilled to have her here. Welcome Christine.

Life Coach Christine Hassler: Thanks Corey.

Corey: Could you share with us why you became a life coach?

Life Coach Christine Hassler: I don’t think I had a choice. Honestly, you know, it wasn’t something that I – was like, I am going to be a life coach. So I’ll tell you a long story as quickly as I possibly can. So, it starts in fourth grade. This is important. I won’t tell the whole story, but it starts in fourth grade when a couple of girls started to be a “Hate Christine Club” which I was not a member of, right? And so at a very young age, I became sort of, really believed that I was not likable and not good enough, all that kind of stuff that we start to believe when we are teased or criticized around. And so usually what we do is we develop a way to overcompensate for our insecurities. So my overcompensation was to be an over achiever. So starting in fourth grade, I just became Ms. Achiever, straight A, went to college, double major and a minor, graduated in 3-1/2 years with a 3.9 GPA, that I’d like to brag about because after college no one ever asked me. You know what it was. And that continued and I moved out to Hollywood where all insecure people go to try out, you know, be part of the adult version of the popular club and I worked my way up. I became an agent at a very young age which was unheard of, and I just had this great life from the outside. I was making great money. I was dating a, you know, a successful guy. I had this awesome job. I had an assistant, and so everything from the outside world seemed like it was all falling into place, and I seemed like I had it all together, and this over achieving pattern just was starting to wear me out and I started really realizing – Oh my gosh! Nothing that I’m doing, the relationship, the money, the job is satisfying me on an internal level. So I ended up quitting my job which began what I call my quarter life crisis because I always define myself by external things. So when I let go of something that really define me, I really didn’t know who I was, and I tried all different things. I had like eight different jobs, everything from hand modelling to working for Yahoo. And while that was happening, I was going through a lot of health issues. I was going in lots of debt. I was having lots of trouble with my family and then I got engaged, and six months before my wedding, my fiancé called it off. So, I was on my bathroom floor one night, really contemplating whether or not I even wanted to live, and felt so lost and felt like I had worked so hard to build this life and it just, all was crumbling down. And in that moment, I didn’t know what else to do and I wasn’t particularly spiritual at that time, but I thought, why don’t I pray? Like, I got nothing to lose. So I started to pray which sounded like a negotiation because I was an agent. And I said, alright God, I’ll make you a deal. If I still can find my way out of this, I’ll help other people, and I didn’t know what that meant but the next day I woke up with the idea for my first book, and that started everything. And when I was writing the book and researching the book, women that I was talking to wanted to talk to me more, and I didn’t know why. And they assumed that I was a coach, or a counsellor, or something, and when I said I wasn’t, they said, well you should be. And after five or so people told me that, I went to my coach who I was done with at that time and I said, “Hey Mona like everybody is telling me, you know, this is – I should go into this.” She was like, yeah, I think so. I think it’s your gift, and which was good because I never could sing or dance or draw or anything, like I don’t know what my gift was. So when I found coaching, I just felt like I was home. It just feels so natural to me. I absolutely love it and I learned so much from it. You know, personal growth and human behaviour, and their mind and the emotions in the body – all of that is just fascinating to me. So I don’t think I couldn’t be a coach.

Corey: That’s wonderful, and now you’ve been a coach for how long?

Life Coach Christine Hassler: Since 2004.

Corey: Okay. Great, and as a life coach, when is an ideal time for someone to come and see you?

Life Coach Christine Hassler: You know, I don’t know that there is a certain, ideal time. I think the best way I could answer that is when someone feels willing and ready. Now, there is always a time we will come to crossroads and

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there are always times when our life is challenging or something happens, and most people think that that may be the best time to see a coach. But if you don’t have the other aspect of totally being willing to go – okay, the way I’ve been doing it is clearly not working, and I’m willing to try on a new way. It really is that willingness, and I don’t even think that your life has to be going in a direction that you’re not happy with. You know, you can come to life coaching and you just want to learn more and you want to grow. We can always grow in our consciousness.

Corey: Absolutely. Find tune. Find tune.

Life Coach Christine Hassler: Yeah, find tune. So, I mean, to encapsulate my answer, anytime is a good time as long as you’re willing.

Corey: Okay. Do you have an ideal client?

Life Coach Christine Hassler: Huh. I’ve been thinking of all my clients and they are all so different and I just love them all. My ideal client, going back to what I said, is someone who is willing, someone who is committed, you know, who shows up, someone who really sees this as an investment for themselves, almost like a luxury. Kind of a luxury and a necessity, all wrapped up into one. But it really is -it goes back to that willingness. I love working with anybody who is honest and authentic and isn’t worried about you know, what I’m going to think of them and is ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work.

Corey: So in your experience – thank you. And so in your experience as a life coach, how important is a match between a coach and a client?

Life Coach Christine Hassler: Well, I think it is really important. I’ll think about my coach and how – let’s see, I started seeing her when I was 22. She was my coach until she passed away, so it was like, you know, a good 13 years, 12 or 13 years, and when I found her, it was like – I felt so understood, and that to me is the most important thing between a coach and a client. A client has to

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feel like the coach really understands them and holds the place of unconditional love and acceptance. It doesn’t mean the coach isn’t going to call them out and push them a little bit, but knowing that it is a totally safe place. And for me, how I know I’m a match to a client is if that client is going through something that I’ve gone through or is looking for something that I’ve been able to find. You know, I coach a lot of people and I coach people who have children, but if they want specific coaching on parenting, I’ll refer them elsewhere because I’m not a parent, but I have been through, you know, career transition. I’ve been through health issues. I’ve been through death of loved ones. I’ve been through breakups and a divorce, like I had a lot of and debt, and trouble with finances, and I found my way out of all those things. So I have a wide range in terms of what I’ve experienced. But if someone comes to me and they are going through something that I can’t relate to, I will find them a coach that can.

Corey: Could you share with me a success storey please?

Life Coach Christine Hassler: Well, there are lots of them that come to mind, but I just had a client yesterday that I’m excited to share about. So, she is – she came to me maybe 2 or 3 years ago. She is a mother of two, had kids at a young age. Her first child was unexpected and they were married, but they were married young, and when she came to me, she had her first daughter, and she was just like, “I feel really lost. I feel like I have this kid and I’m married, and I am 27 years old, and I don’t know who I am, and I don’t have a life.” And she was working and more of the breadwinner in the family and was just exhausted, and spent years doing this. And we started sort of looking at, alright, you know, why did this child come in and what are you learning? What are the kinds of behaviour patterns that you are in, that are keeping you in this cycle of feeling depleted, of feeling of not knowing who you are? So, we just started the discovery process and she worked through things and she had another child in the process, and as she became more clear about who she is, and started to drop a lot of limiting beliefs and limiting stories stories, all of a sudden, there is room for more passion to come through, and she found that what she is really passionate about was pregnancy and birth, and just started becoming really interested in teaching things like breastfeeding and becoming a doula, something that had never occurred to her before. She was in Corporate America and it was through the experience that having these children at a young age that she found this passion for pregnancy and birth and got certified as a doula while she had two kids and was working for fulltime and married. It just started building. People heard of her and it has gotten to the point where she needs to quit her fulltime job. She is already up to two or three birth a month. She has had a wait list. She is charging her full fee and building her business, and it just happened from really looking at something that she thought of, why is this happening? Like, why did I have a child so early? And why am I going through this so early? But it was only through going through that that she realized her passion.

Corey: Wow. That’s a great story. I love that. That’s a good metaphor.

Life Coach Christine Hassler: Yeah.

Corey: So, thank you so much Christine for being here with us today. I really appreciate it.

Life Coach Christine Hassler: My pleasure. Thank you Corey for doing what you do.

Corey: Thank you.

About Christine Hassler

christine hassler life coachChristine Hassler left her successful job as a Hollywood agent at 25 to pursue a life she could be passionate about . . . but it did not come easily. After being inspired by her own unexpected challenges and experiences, she realized her journey was indeed her destination. In 2005, she wrote the first guide book written exclusively for young women, entitled 20 Something 20 Everything. Christine’s second book, The 20 Something Manifesto written for men and women stems from her experience coaching twenty-something’s.

Today, she supports individuals in discovering the answers to the questions: “Who Am I, What do I want, and How do I get it?” Christine is a Life Coach with a counseling emphasis specializing in relationships, career, finances, self-identity, personal and spiritual growth. Her expertise is centered on the twenty and early thirty something years of life. She is passionate about busting the myth that the twenty something years are about living by a checklist and having it all figured out.

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