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Life Coach Anne Jolles

Interview with Life Coach Anne Jolles

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn and I am the founder of We are a website that matches coaches with clients based on fit. I am here with Anne Jolles. She is a life and resiliency coach. She is also an author and a speaker. Welcome Anne.

Life Coach Anne: Hi Corey! Thank you so much for having me.

Corey: Thank you for joining us. Could you share with us, why are you a life coach?

Life Coach Anne: That’s a great question. I am a life coach because I cherish life and I think we have so many circumstances and factors that continually work against us and in some cases batter us down, and I found in my life that – I found many ways to help other people to really show up in their life a strong and as brilliant and as alive as they possibly can be. So, I think I’ve always been a life coach because I have always felt that giving from my heart to others is the way to connect and so much can happen from there.

Corey: So, when should someone consider working with you as a life coach?

Life Coach Anne: Well, it’s funny. My feeling is, in 10 years, everyone is going to have a life coach. It’s sort of like 10 years ago when the whole yoga movement started and now, there are yoga studios practically on every corner.

Corey: That’s right.

Life Coach Anne: People start to feel how they can move their energy and move towards lightness and brilliance. That is when they started and kept doing yoga, and I think that people should call a life coach under a few different circumstances. One is if they feel like they are having an ordinary life and they’d like to move it up to extraordinary, that’s a great time to call a life coach. Another one is when they are hitting lots and lots of resistances and just can’t get to where they want to go, and I can help people navigate those places to figure out how to get there. And another reason to call a coach is if you really don’t know exactly where you do want to go and I help people figure that out. So, that’s when you call a coach.

Corey: Who is your ideal client?

Life Coach Anne: My ideal client is someone who is really open to change, who wants things to be different in their life. I work with people in all different professions, in all different walks of life, but what holds them all together is the desire to create a life that they’re enjoying, that they’re productive, and that they’re successful. That’s my ideal client. I work with people executives. I work with – right now, I am working with someone in the financial industry who is really having a difficult time emotionally navigating these waters because there is so much uncertainty. I work with artists. I work with yoga teachers. I work with middle managers. All who were being battered I’d say or – there is so much uncertainty in the world that I can help them, pull them back inside, find their strengths, find how to navigate and then go forward towards what they want to achieve. That makes sense?

Corey: Yeah. That’s very clear.

Life Coach Anne: Okay.

Corey: In your experience as a life coach, how important is a match between a coach and a client?

Life Coach Anne: Well, that’s very interesting. I think a match is in any situation is important. I mean, if you think of what a match means, you know, a match is… you know, two surfaces strike together and you are looking for a spark. That is what a match does. So, you are looking for the two surfaces, the two people, coming together and what happens, what we like to say in coaching is, I show up, you show up, and it is what develops between the two of us that is really magical and really important. That’s what the work is and chemistry is important. Expectations are important. But really, as far as I’m concerned, I try to just be with however shows up and in many times try to match your energy at the moment, so then we can then work with it. So chemistry is absolutely important. Timing is important. There is so much that’s important. But certainly, there has to be a camaraderie and a similarity in feelings in where you want to go.

Corey: Can you share with me an experience or example of a success story?

Life Coach Anne: Well, I had one last week that was just like from a coach’s standpoint, it couldn’t be more delicious. One of my clients who lives down in North Carolina, she is an artist and I’ve been working with her a long time. She started a while ago and wanted to not only nurture her artistic abilities, but also to make a business out of it. So, it was sort of the culmination of working with her. She sent me an invitation that she had been invited to show her work two hours west of Boston. It was a university and it was a beautiful museum in a university and she asked me to come on out, and for me, it was just wonderful to sit in that art showing, see her fabulous paintings which have evolved into, I call the masterpieces and, but not only that, because for coaching, it is about the being and the doing. The doing for her was all of her beautiful paintings on the walls which were fabulous, and then we have coached so much around the being, and here is this artist who has evolved and grown and in all her glory, showing her work to this whole community in western Massachusetts. It was a celebration certainly for her because she really had achieved the goals that she set out to achieve when she began coaching. But as a coach, there is nothing better than to see your client achieve the goals, step into the them as a person and shine in the moment. So that was a wonderful success that’s sweet.

Corey: Wow. That’s wonderful. What a great manifestation.

Life Coach Anne: It was a great manifestation.

Corey: That’s great.

Life Coach Anne: For both of us.

Corey: Yes, absolutely. I’m sure it was very rewarding.

Life Coach Anne: Oh yeah. It was great.

Corey: Yeah. Well, thank you so much Anne for spending some time with us today.

Life Coach Anne: Thank you Corey. Great to meet you.

Corey: Yes.

Life Coach Anne: And you do good work! So thank you.

Corey: Thank you.

About Life Coach Anne Jolles

Anne Barry Jolles is a life coach, author and speaker who has helped hundreds of people wake up their personal and professional lives when they are stuck, stagnant, pointed in the wrong direction or feel that there is something bigger they want to do.

She is an expert at creating and sharing life tools full of wisdom for others to begin transforming their lives immediately.

She relishes working with people who want to create a life they love and are willing to do what it takes. She has a strong ability to help others discover their best and multiply it…

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