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Life Coach and Business Coach Annabelle Drumm

Meet business coach and life coach Annabelle Drumm and hear why she feels that a match between a coach and client is so critical.

Interview with Life Coach and Business Coach: Annabelle Drumm

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn, and I am the founder of We are a site that matches you up with great coaches based on fit. I am here with Annabelle Drumm. She is a creative business and life coach. Welcome Annabelle.

Life Coach Annabelle: Thank you very much!

Corey: Tell me, why are you are coach?

Life Coach Annabelle: Well, I’ve basically been a coach all my life. I didn’t actually realize I was doing it. Even in elementary school, I was helping other kids with their studies and their public speaking. I ran a dance company in my early 20’s and the best part of that was actually nurturing the careers of other dancers, even though some of them were older than me. I ran an entertainment booking agency for about 15 years and in that, I really loved helping artists get their ideas more commercially viable. So basically, it seems like a very natural progression to go and get into my qualifications and make this a specialty job.

Corey: Very good. And so, when should someone consider working with you as a life coach or a business coach?

Life Coach Annabelle: Well, I find that people often need me when they get to a high point in their career or they are working as many hours as they possibly can and they don’t know where to turn to from there, especially if they are not really enjoying where they are at the moment. Sometimes, it is hard to know who to talk to about that sort of thing. So you might go to a business mentor for example and they’ll teach you how to work harder and go higher up, you know. And then, other times you might talk to your family or friends, or your work colleagues and they’ll be answering your questions with that little personal agenda thing going on. So, you know, there are things that they want themselves as well as what they want for you. So sometimes, it is really nice to look outside the circle, to somebody you can trust and talk to without any personal agenda, and find the answers that are going to suit you the best.

Corey: So, thank you. That’s wonderful. I agree, by the way. Who is your ideal client?

Life Coach Annabelle: My ideal client? Well, I often do group training courses for people that are new into their industries or just working at mid-level. But the ones that I coach on a one-to-one basis are usually people who are very well established in their creative job. I find they are usually aware that something big needs to change. Perhaps they’ve been trying to solve something for some years and they can’t figure how to get around it.  These are the good clients for me. I love the challenge. I love people that are open-minded and can try new ideas, and sometimes they are hard to accept, but to try even new ideas is good. Ones that can work their way through the full series focusing on that goal rather than moving around too much and I think the ones that I get the best results for are the ones that dream big.

Corey: Great. So in your experience as a life and business coach, how important is a match between a coach and a client?

Life Coach Annabelle: Oh, it’s crucial. I mean, Corey, you said it yourself on the website. It is important to get really good match with your clients because even if you get offered somebody who is a coach, who appears to be the best in the world, but if you can’t get along with them or your egos are clashing, you know, or you are wondering if what you are saying to them is not going to be kept confidential, or you are not being heard, then you really are wasting your time and money, and that’s important for me too. This is why I like to have a chat with my client before we start a series to make sure I can get along as well, because I don’t want to be working with someone who I can’t do the best job for.

Corey: That’s right.

Life Coach Annabelle: Yeah. It is really important that both the client and the coach are confident that they have chosen well before they start.

Corey: That’s right. It goes both ways.

Life Coach Annabelle: It sure does.

Corey: Yes. So, could you share with me a success story?

Life Coach Annabelle: Yeah. I had a client who finished his series a couple of weeks ago and he was a documentary maker. He was getting some really good commercial work. But it wasn’t the kind of work that he wanted, even though he wasn’t quite sure what it was that he wanted. So he set the goal. I lead a thriving business with a clear identity and purpose, so there were sort of two sides to that. The thriving business side was to increase the income, and the clear identity and purpose was about finding what it was that he wanted and then attracting that kind of work in. So, we worked fortnightly for a six-month period and he came out at the other end with a vastly different business and income. He now earns 4-1/2 times as much as what he did when he started, though he is working very little more hours. It was just about similar hours to what he was doing before. He has figured out exactly the kind of work that he wants and we have managed to somehow, bring in the right kind of clients. The only work he gets offered now is the work that he loves. It’s very odd. It’s very odd. And also, he still has time to help underprivileged youth in teaching them how to make their own documentaries and have their own voice. So, the self-confidence has grown. The satisfaction of his work is massive, and I’ve been told that he is actually a finally pleasant person to be around now. So having all that stuff worked out has improved his personal and work relationships and really given him good peace of mind.

Corey: Wow. That’s a wonderful story.

Life Coach Annabelle: It is. It makes me feel good. That’s what it’s all about.

Corey: Congratulations on that.

Life Coach Annabelle: Thank you.

Corey: Thank you so much Annabelle for taking some time with us today.

Life Coach Annabelle: You’re welcome.

About Life Coach and Business Coach Annabelle Drumm:

life coach business coach AnnabelleAnnabelle Drumm has come from a solid background in Television, Theatre, Fashion, Promotions and Corporate Events – both behind the scenes and out front. She was a professional Performer for 10 years, ran a Dance company for 6 years and a multi-national Entertainment agency for 15 years.

Her vast knowledge about the hindrances that can get in the way of a creative professional career is unique. Combining this knowledge with her people skills, generosity, sense of humour and wisdom makes her incomparable in the field of coaching.

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