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Life Coach and Psychologist Linda Pucci

Meet life coach and psychologist Linda Pucci and hear why she became a coach and the importance of a match between a client and coach.

Interview with Life Coach and Psychologist Linda Pucci

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn and I am the founder of, where we help you get matched up with great coaches. I am here with Linda Pucci. She is a psychologist, a trainer, and a life coach. Welcome Linda!

Life Coach Linda: Thank you Corey. It’s nice to be here.

Corey: So, why are you a life coach?

Life Coach Linda: Well, I got into life coaching in the year 2000, after practicing for over 20 years as a psychologist. As a psychologist, I did a lot of psychotherapy and the focus in psychotherapy is usually helping someone regain some level of functioning that they’ve lost, and the focus is often on the past and on problems, and what I found is that I really was interested in helping people who wanted to [inaudible 00:57] lives and go further than they even thought they could by focusing on the present and the future. And so for me, I could use the experience of helping people change their lives and all the techniques that I learned as a psychologist, but use it in a different format in life coaching.

Corey: And how is life coaching different or complimentary to the therapy work that you do?

Life Coach Linda: Actually, for the past 10 years, I’ve been doing both and so, whether I’m calling it psychotherapy – psychotherapy has to be done in an office, usually face to face, whereas life coaching can be done over the phone, and the focus in therapy is usually on the past and uncovering some sort of problem in the past and finding a way around it, so that a person can regain the level of functioning that they had previously, and life coaching is really about helping people stretch themselves, learn new skills or use the resources that they have inside and to really obtain the goals and the kind of life that they really want to have.

Corey: That’s great. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. So, when should someone consider working with you?

Life Coach Linda: Well, when they’re ready to change. My focus is on helping people really take action. That is something I’m extraordinarily good at. And so when people are really ready to make a change, I may be the best person to help them because I work with a lot of different techniques that help people make their change rapidly. So, I like to work with people who are impatient. People who don’t want to spend five years or ten years sorting through things in their lives. They want to make the change and move on. One of the things I really specialize in is helping people with what I refer to as mental clutter, and mental clutter is composed of negative emotions from the past. Negative emotions might be something like anger, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt or anxiety, and limiting beliefs that people form based on their past experiences, but there are beliefs that kind of become unconscious, and like a bad computer virus, kind of chugged away beneath the surface, messing up your best laid plans. So, my focus and what I work with a lot is people who are looking to make changes, sometimes even big changes and really do it as rapidly as possible, because I am able to help people make pretty big changes in their lives in a shorter period or days.

Corey: That’s great.

Life Coach Linda: So that one of the things that I do is I work

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sometimes with people very intensively over a 4-day period to bring about a complete breakthrough in some area of their life. And what I tell people is that I really love the people that I work with, but there really is no need for us all to grow old together. So, I am about wanting to help people move on.

Corey: Good. Very good. Do you have a sense of an ideal client for you?

Life Coach Linda: Sure. Probably my ideal client is a woman business owner or entrepreneur, usually someone who is usually between the ages of 35 and 55, who is feeling stuck in their life or in their business, and they may be women who have undergone or are in the middle of – or facing some big transition. Something like divorce or job change, promotion, emptiness, something that has kind of [inaudible 05:05] them a bit, something that is a big change for them, because I find that people are often really willing to make big changes when they are in their transition period.

Corey: Great. Could you share with me your thoughts on the importance of a match between a coach and a client?

Life Coach Linda: Oh, I think it is really vital, and the service that you are providing, Corey, is just of such importance.

Corey: Thank you.

Life Coach Linda: I think one of the things that’s really vital in a match between a coach and a client is the ability to build trust, and the better the client has a sense for what the coach can offer, the more likely they’re going to be able to build the necessary trust that’s going to make the coaching relationship work. So, I really applaud what you are doing.

Corey: Thank you so much. If trust is the foundation –

Life Coach Linda: Absolutely.

Corey: Could you share with me a success story?

Life Coach Linda: Sure. Recently, I worked with a woman from out of state, and she came and we did a 4-day intensive. She is a woman who had an advanced degree, but due to her husband’s move and the family moving, she was really not able to practice that profession in the state that they had moved to. And so, she was a stay-at-home mom for three children, and at the time that she came to see me, she was questioning whether or not to stay in her marriage, she was not sure what she wanted to do as a career, and she was feeling pretty overwhelmed. And so, what we did is I worked with her over a 4-day period, working several hours a day, about 20 hours total and we focused on letting go of negative emotions from the past, some things from childhood, limiting beliefs, including perfectionism. She identified what her values were and realized that she and her husband really shared their important values and she was able to come up with a plan to help the relationship move forward past the tough times they’ve been having, and she identified what was important to her in a career and ultimately, was able to figure out what she is going to do once her youngest child, who I think is four, is going to – you know, what she’s going to pursue when her youngest child goes into school. So she left here after four days and with much greater clarity, she had a step-by-step plan about how she was going to proceed and was feeling much more confident and capable of bringing things to pervasion for her, and what she told me was that the biggest change for her was that she had been able to conquer herself out. And so, she was really able to move forward and my contacts with her since then have been – that’s exactly what she has been doing.

Corey: Wow. That’s great.

Life Coach Linda: So, yeah.

Corey: That’s a very pervasive change, and it sounds like at the right time.

Life Coach Linda: It’s huge. Yeah. It’s huge.

Corey: It’s great.

Life Coach Linda: Which is exciting for me because I get to see it happen right before my very eyes.

Corey: Thank you so much [inaudible 08:37] today.

Life Coach Linda: Thanks very much Corey.

Corey: Okay.

Life Coach Linda: Take care.

Corey: You too.

About life coach and psychologist Linda Pucci:

Life coach and psychologistLinda Pucci, Ph.D. is a psychologist, life coach, trainer and expert in helping people find and develop their inner resources for life and business. She has the credentials and experience to help you change the things that aren’t working.

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