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stress freeIf you are suffering from the effects of stress and worry, then you may be looking for ways to overcome the tension so that you can relax. However, many people find that it is difficult for them to relax, and typical relaxation and meditation exercise don’t always work for them. These steps may help you minimize the stress, worry and anxiety that you are feeling. Start by performing the sequence at least once a day so that you become familiar with the process. The steps do not need to take a specific amount of time, and you should follow your natural rhythm in order to benefit from the exercise.

1. Acknowledge Your Surroundings

Before you relax, you need to take time to identify your location and your surroundings. Take note of where you are and what is going on around you. This will help you turn off the negative thoughts in your head that usually keep you from relaxing. You might notice where you are sitting, the time of day and the weather outside, and try not to focus on your thoughts and feelings.

2. Ground Yourself

The next step is to ground yourself so that you can recognize your connection to the environment. Focus on your posture and your sitting position,

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as well as the temperature in the room or how your clothes feel against your skin.

3. Slow Down

As you physically relax, you should start to turn your focus inward. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. While you should breathe at a pace that is

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natural for you, your exhale should be noticeably longer than your inhale. After a few minutes, you will notice that your heart rate is beginning to decrease. You may also notice that you are breathing deeply from your diaphragm, which is how you breathe when you are asleep. Your diaphragm is located just below your chest, and you should notice that your stomach is rising and falling as you breathe.

4. Think Positive Thoughts

As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, you should start to think positive thoughts. Focus on calm messages that bring you a sense of peace and reassurance. You can even imagine that a person who loves and supports you is saying these positive statements. Continue these affirmative thoughts until you feel as though you are relaxed and positive enough to return to your daily tasks.

5. Rejoin the World

Once you have determined that you are relaxed and calm, you need to slowly rejoin the world around you. Focus on staying calm and peaceful as you open your eyes and gently continue with your work.

If you have had trouble finding a relaxation technique that works for you, try these simple steps. You may notice that they allow you to feel the calm and peace that you need in order to combat stress.

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