How to Banish a Grumpy Attitude

Do you feel as though happiness is just out of your reach? Do you often think that you would be happy if only you could lose weight, find the perfect someone or get a promotion? Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that the more pessimistic you are about finding true happiness, the more unlikely it is that you will actually be happy once you get what you want. Researchers believe that your ability to be happy relies more on your personality than on the events in your life. If you find that you are waiting for the perfect occasion to feel satisfied with your life, then these tips can help you overcome your pessimistic attitude so that you can start enjoying life today.

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Identify Negative Beliefs

It is important to uncover the beliefs that are keeping you from feeling happy on a daily basis. You may feel as though you are too short to be pretty, too uneducated to be respected at work or too ugly to be loved by a partner. These thoughts may cause you to feel as though you could be happy if only you could change that one aspect of yourself. Once you identify the beliefs that are preventing you from being happy, you can discover whether those thoughts are truly accurate. If not, then you can start changing those negative beliefs by thinking opposite thoughts that are positive.

Admit that You Won’t Be Happy

If you find yourself dwelling on the single event that you believe controls your happiness, you need to let it go. Your attitude toward life will not improve just because you get one thing that you want. Your entire perspective needs to shift if you want to find true happiness. Admit to yourself that you won’t actually be happy if you find true love, get a promotion or lose those extra pounds. Remind yourself that your happiness is based on your appreciation of life rather than a single event.


Studies show that laughter changes the way your body reacts to stress, and it can make you feel more relaxed and at peace. Rather than stewing about something that has gone wrong, find a way to laugh about it. Your stress levels will decrease, and you will feel better about the situation and how you have handled it.

Keep It to Yourself

If you are feeling grumpy and pessimistic, avoid sharing it with others. When you tell others about your negative feelings on a regular basis, you will start to think that your pessimistic thoughts are actually true. This can keep you from being truly happy with your life as a whole.

Your pessimism and grumpiness can be much more damaging that you might think. They can actually prevent you from enjoying your life, and they can keep you from finding satisfaction in your achievements. These tips will help you banish those negative thoughts and feelings so that you can experience happiness on a regular basis.
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