Health Coaching and Eating For Well-Being

Meet Caspar Poyck, with whom I have eaten with.  He is an amazing man with a passion for well-being and balanced eating.

What is your definition of a health coach?

A health coach inspires and motivates the healthiest and happiest YOU to the foreground.  By sharing insights, experience and education and exploring what your goals for health, balance and happiness are, a coach gives you tools and keeps you motivated to stay on-track to fulfilling these goals.

Why did you become a health coach?

I have always had a fascination with the connection between the body and the mind. In 2003, I changed my life-style from being a stressed-out network television producer to enjoying my life as a holistic therapist in Ojai.  While studying clinical hypnotherapy, I chose to work as a whole food, organic chef for some of California’s most prominent yoga retreats and self-development groups.  During this time, I noticed the profound connections between our emotional and mental attitudes and the way our body functions.  This led me to researching biological mechanisms and how they relate to stress, perception etc.  I love helping people release their daily worries, (re)discover the value of a good meal shared and nourishing the body, mind and soul with healthy food.

What is unique about your coaching practice?

Consciously Culinary is the first coaching modality that uses the inherent neurological connection between eating and psychological well-being.  We work on stress management, anxiety relief, attention deficit problems, allergy management, weight-loss etc. Methods range from cooking as art therapy to walking sessions for exercise, breath and cognitive work to EFT and hypnotherapy for stress release and retraining improved behaviors and conditioning.

Who is your ideal client?

My clients range from foundations like The Joyful Heart Foundation (abuse survivors) and The Foundation for Living Beauty (breast cancer survivors) to people on my 3-day retreats to share eating, cooking and wellness experiences to those looking to manage anxiety, food intolerance and weight.

When is it time for a person to start working with a health coach?

As soon as we become aware there is room to improve the way we eat, when we eat and what we eat. When the day comes we decide we want to get more satisfaction out of our time with friends and family.When we are ready to let go of stress, anxiety, tension or worries. The day has come to call a coach and live a lighter and happier life!

About Caspar Poyck:

Caspar Poyck is a whole foods, organic chef with a catering company in Ojai, CA called Consciously Culinary.

He is also a certified hypnotherapist and uses this to uncover and heal sub-conscious patterns and assessments around self-image, emotional eating, mindless eating etc.  Even WHY we feel drawn to certain foods often has a fascinating story to tell!

Combining the two; Caspar teaches 3-day cooking, eating and yoga retreats, is a keynote speaker and takes on private clients and helps them in their home-kitchen, renewing the relationship to food. This is done in a combination of coaching, walking therapy and cooking classes to effectively implement the changes.  Caspar believes in food, nutrition and making time for the “real-things” in life. We need to Eat, Drink, Breathe and Sleep to survive……let’s do them well !

All this said, it is important to enjoy, have fun and appreciate.

The Consciously Culinary motto is: Be Healthy and Celebrate the Way You Eat; Without Dogma or Hang-ups.

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