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Are looking to grow your practice with motivated clients while multiplying your time?

We are a donation based service that helps coaches grow their practice with matched clients through our coach directory and personality based matching system.

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Why A Donation Based Service?

Its simple: we believe in the goodness of coaches.  We believe in receiving value from you only after you have received value from us. If you get a client from our service, send us some money. And only send whatever amount you think is fair.

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Our registration process has two easy steps:

From there, your profile is approved by our staff.  Once approved, your profile will be matched with prospective clients.  Clients are encouraged to contact you directly (via email, web or phone).

Why join

  • It’s free!  No catches, games or funny business.  Period.
  • Our site is easy to find online by individuals who are seeking a coach. We have done this by investing heavily in SEO and we continually do online marketing…so you can grow your practice and be successful. on Google on Google on New York Times on New York Times

Testimonials From Coaches

“My client from is wonderful!  I am looking forward to attracting more!!” – Pauline Haynes, Life Coach and member of

“I think this is a brilliant service — it’s the closest thing to a personal referral, which is how it was done before the Internet.”- Dr. Marjorie Rand, member of

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