How to Find Happiness

happiness and joyThere are many myths about happiness that have prompted people to take the wrong paths in an attempt to find joy in their lives. For example, many people believe that happiness is the absence of unhappiness, and they think that once they have found happiness, they will always have it. If you have approached happiness with this frame of mind, then you may be frustrated at your lack of progress. Fortunately, there some true ways that you can find joy and peace in your life, and they are things that you can start doing right away.

Savor Happy Moments

While you may want to delve into your joy and absorb it all at once, you need to take time to notice all of the aspects of an event that make you feel joyful. For example, a weekend retreat may give you happiness, but in order to truly benefit from it, you need to savor each moment. Relish your walks in the sunshine and take note of each item or activity that makes you feel happy. When your retreat is over, you can reflect back on those memories to help you extend your happiness even when the event is in the distant past.

Minimize Your Possessions

Possessions are simply items, and they cannot bring you lasting joy and happiness. You will feel the most joy when you savor the few important items that you have. If you fill your life and your home with clutter, then it will be hard to separate the things that truly make you happy. However, when you minimize your possessions, then it will be easy for you to sort through your material items and your memories to find the ones that make you the happiest. This will allow you to savor them even more so that your happiness is long lasting.

Personalize Your Plan for Happiness

We often tend to follow other people’s advice about how to be happier, and we try to find joy in the things that they have done. Since we are all different, this does not always work. Your friend may have found joy in an art class, but this may not suit you if you become easily frustrated when your art doesn’t turn out as you expect. You may want to pursue happiness by living a healthier lifestyle, but if you criticize yourself for missing a workout or eating a treat, then you aren’t happy. You need to analyze your preferences and personality to help you find things that will truly make you happy rather than following someone else’s blueprint.

In these busy times, it can be difficult to find the peace, joy and happiness that you crave. Fortunately, happiness is not a myth, and these simple steps will help you find it and enjoy it to the fullest.


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