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Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt

Interview with Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn, and I am the founder of We are a site that matches coaches with clients based on fit. I am here with Terry Hildebrandt. He is a professional certified coach. Welcome Terry.

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt Thank you.

Corey: Could you share with us, why are you a coach?

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt Well, I love to work with individuals and groups to help them reach their goals. I’ve been working with people in corporate, non-profit, government, and with individuals for over 15 years. I get great personal satisfaction in helping others succeed.

Corey: That’s wonderful. Could you share with us when is the good time that someone should consider working with you as a coach?

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt Okay. Clients come to see me for two main reasons: One is to work through a major challenge that’s holding them back from reaching their goals. This could include things like trying to make a major life decision, such as changing careers, improving a skill such as becoming a better communicator, learning to be more organized and productive, or improving their conflict management skills for a few examples. The other main reason people work with me as a coach is to

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improve on what they are already doing well. As we know, even top athletes have coaches to keep them at the top of their game and to reach even greater levels of performance. As an executive and leadership coach, I can work with you to reach new levels of performance.

Corey: Okay. Who is an ideal client for you Terry?

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt For me, an ideal client is someone who is ready to take action and is looking for a thinking partner that helps them create a plan for success and someone to hold them accountable for sticking with their plan. Coaching works best when the client is open to learning about themselves, exploring new options, and is ready to make some changes. I work with a variety of different clients ranging from corporate employees and leaders to individuals who hire me out of their own pocket and small business owners looking for support in running their business.

Corey: Okay. So, in your experience as a coach, how important is a match between a coach and a client in your experience?

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt Well, rapport between a client and a coach is critical. The client needs to be able to trust and relate to the coach’s experience and style. My broad work background as both a leader in corporate America and as a small business owner enabled me to relate to the experiences of both men and women in a variety of settings. I’ve worked with clients in a number of industries including hi-tech, manufacturing, banking, insurance, real estate, nursing, non-profit management, and government. I hold on a graduate degree on science and engineering and advanced graduate degrees in organizational development and human development, which enabled me to relate to a broad range of clients and their goals.

Corey: That’s great. What a great background. So, could you share with me a success story please?

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt Sure. I’ll provide one example from small business clients and two from the corporate world.

Corey: Okay.

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt I’m currently working with a small business owner of a manufacturing company who has about 12 employees. He is looking to grow his business and has engaged me as a coach to help him work through a number of leadership challenges. He wants to put employees a more [inaudible 03:32] staff and ensure they are compensated and rewarded appropriately. We also have explored his own personal long term goals for spending more time with his family of four children and planning for his retirement. I worked with this client to brainstorm solutions and hold him accountable for reaching his goals through regular check and meetings. The second story is from a manager within Fortune Fifty company who wanted to improve her leadership skills in facilitating meetings. I observed this employee facilitating a real meeting at her work place and then provided feedback on my observation and I introduced her to a new model for facilitating and meeting design that enables her to take her facilitation to a new level. The third example is from an individual who was also a corporate employee who wanted to transition into nursing. We spent a few months exploring this individual’s long term goals and interests. We then developed the plan for her to transition out of her corporate job into the field of nursing. She did leave her corporate job and enrolled in a formal nurse education program. The coaching process built her confidence and supported her in developing a robust plan to be successful.

Corey: That’s great. Wow. Very diverse set of clients but it sounds that you did a great work. Thank you so much for being here with us Terry. I appreciate it.

Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt Thank you.

About Executive Coach Terry Hildebrandt

terry hildebrandt executive coachTerry Hildebrandt is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to realize their full potential by providing facilitation, coaching, and organizational consulting. He equips you with the self-awareness, tools, and processes to reach your goals!

Terry has over 14 years of coaching experience. He has dedicated a large portion of his career to executive coaching and organization development. He has worked with companies and organizations in multiple industries including high tech, manufacturing, professional services, insurance, energy, government, schools, and nonprofit. He works primarily with mid-level and senior executives including members of the executive committee, board chairs, chief executive officers, vice presidents, directors, and selected promising leaders.
He has worked with the leaders of global business units and their teams to design and implement organizational change initiatives resulting in increased revenue, greater market share, improved executive team effectiveness, and alignment of organizational culture with new business strategies. Terry is an expert in the principles of evidence based coaching, which involves using the best existing theoretical and researched knowledge, in combination with his personal coaching skills and knowledge of the client, to develop and deliver an effective coaching engagement.

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