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Evaluating Criticism

evaluating criticismCriticism can be hard to hear, especially when it comes from certain people or is phrased in a way that is less than flattering. However, criticism can be helpful, and it is essential in order to grow and develop personally and professionally. Before you become offended about someone’s opinion of your actions, you will need to determine if the criticism is constructive or destructive. Here are some questions that will help you decide whether you should take someone’s criticism to heart.

Who Offered the Criticism?

Many people believe that they are entitled to their opinion, but they don’t always keep these opinions to themselves. In order to decide whether the criticism you have received is helpful, you need to look at who said it. If it is someone who tends to give unsolicited advice frequently and without much thought, then it may not be something that should concern you. However, if it is someone who acts and speaks with wisdom on a regular basis, then you may want to take what they have said into consideration.

In What Spirit Was the Criticism Offered?

As you evaluate the criticism, you need to pay attention to the tone in which the comment was delivered. If it was harsh, judgmental or said in anger, then it may have been said maliciously rather than constructively. If the statement was made in a manner that was genuine and kind, then there is a chance that the criticism was meant to be helpful. However, even criticisms made in the heat of an argument can be constructive, and you may find that a comment that is delivered harshly can still help you grow and develop. You should listen carefully to what was said, and you should take time to evaluate your actions to determine if there may be a grain of truth in the statement.

How Should You Handle It?

If you are offended when people offer criticism, then you are not alone. Most people get defensive when they have been criticized. However, you should not let your emotions keep you from growing and developing. If the statement was made by a person you admire and respect and was said in a constructive manner, then think carefully about how you might be able to use the advice to improve yourself. It may sting to know that you have a flaw or need to make improvements, but you should remember that the criticism was offered to help you be a better person.

It is only natural to feel offended when someone offers

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criticism, but you don’t need to let this keep you from listening to what is being said. Rather than becoming angry or upset, take some time to evaluate the criticism to see if you can learn and grow from it.

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