Easy Tips for Practicing Mindfulness

If you feel as though your hectic schedule is keeping you from fully enjoying your life, it may be time to slow down. You may not be able to remove tasks from your to-do list permanently, but you can take time during the day to focus on the present. Here are a few mindfulness activities that will improve your productivity and boost your mental clarity.


Listen to Your Favorite Music

When you take time to listen to one of your favorite songs, you are practicing mindfulness. As you belt out the lyrics, think about how the song makes you feel. You can also reflect on how the music brings back memories, and you can use the memories and positive emotions to help you get through your busy day.


Studies show that the simple act of smiling can improve your mood while also making you appear more approachable to others. As you walk down a busy sidewalk or pass diners at your favorite restaurant, smile at five strangers. You will receive an emotional boost, and you may improve their day by giving them something to smile about.


Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet

Technology is very helpful, but it can make it difficult to enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself. Take some time to turn off your radio, television, phone and computer so that you can bask in a few minutes of silence. Even five minutes of peace can rejuvenate you and help you refocus before you get back to work.

Look for the Small Things

It is often the little things in life that can bring us the most pleasure, but you have to open your eyes in order to find them. As you go throughout your day, look for at least four small things that bring you joy, such as the warm sunshine, a playful puppy, children’s laughter or a co-worker’s colorful wardrobe.

Focus on Breathing

If you are feeling stressed or under pressure, it may help to be mindful of your breathing. Pay attention to how you are breathing, and then count to four as you breathe in. Hold your breath for four counts, and then release it for another four counts. Your anxiety will diminish, and you will be more prepared to face any emotional or mental challenges that come your way.

You don’t have to sign up for a long yoga class or learn how to meditate in order to practice mindfulness. These easy exercises can be performed in only a few minutes each day so that you are refreshed and stimulated for your next task.

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