Coaching as a Career

There seems to be much interest surrounding the career field of personal and life coaching. However, there is not a consistent protocol established to guide high school and college students who might be considering this field. Fortunately, planning a coaching career shares many similarities with seeking a professional coach for personal benefits in that the qualities that are important to you, as a client are likely to be the most important characteristics to others and thereby the traits you should focus on when determining if coaching is, indeed, the most appropriate career choice.

So what common qualities are shared by the most revered and trusted of these professionals?
One of the most important characteristics of coaching is authenticity. A coach relies more on personal history and life lessons than on formal education. Therefore, specialization depends on personal experiences. For example, a young bachelor who has never had a serious, long-term relationship would typically not be an effective marriage or relationship coach, although he could be phenomenal dating coach.By the same token, it is crucial that a coach has a history of success in the aspect of his life that he wishes to specialize. Though he may have experienced a considerable number of dates with various young women, negative outcomes from those encounters would most likely discount his ability to provide beneficial advice to someone. The trial and error approach can be undertaken without anyone else’s help. But when an individual looks to a coach for assistance, he expects that he is choosing a guide who has

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intimate knowledge of the most direct path to his specific goal.

As with most positions that necessitate a close personal relationship with clients, coaches must have impeccable communication skills. The ability to easily convey ideas and advice without appearing to be condescending is vital to a successful bond with clients. An individual wants to feel that he can trust his coach to lead the way, because he has been in a similar situation and achieved a positive result. Still, no one wants to feel embarrassed or ignorant. Thus, anyone who decides to pursue coaching as a career must learn appropriate techniques to express respect and empathy, while redirecting a client’s focus when necessary.

The field of coaching is a versatile career path. Individuals may choose to specialize in countless subspecialties. This unique occupation offers many challenging and rewarding opportunities for people who enjoy helping others accomplish specific tasks or goals. Coaches provide a valuable service to individuals who have exhausted other attempts to succeed alone. However, reaching the rewards and endless opportunities available to coaches requires a significant amount of hard work and commitment, not to mention a natural aptitude for helping others cope with often complex issues. Those select few who have what it takes will find a career that will take them wherever they would like to go in life.

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