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Finding Purpose in Your Work

If you are struggling with finding meaning and purpose in your job, then you may need a simple change in perspective. When you feel as though your work is meaningful and that you are contributing to society, you may work harder and become more productive. Here are some ways that you can find meaning in your work so that you feel satisfaction and enjoyment each time you go to the office.

purpose at work

Identify Your Role

Before you start your work day, look at your company’s mission statement. This statement explains the company’s goals, and you can find your role in helping your company become more successful. As you define your role in the workplace, analyze your strengths and talents so that you know exactly what you bring to the table each day. You can then determine how you can improve the community and society through your work.

Practice Autonomy

If it is possible, try to make work-based decisions on your own rather than constantly turning to your boss for advice and permission. If your boss prefers to dictate how you will do your job, then you may need to talk to him about the types of decisions that you would like to make and why you are qualified to make them. If your employer already encourages autonomy, then you should carefully make choices each day so that you can feel empowered and in control.

Make Trust a Priority

If you feel as though your workplace is a hotbed for gossip and deceit, then it may be difficult for you to feel as though you are having a positive impact or that your work is worthwhile. This is why it is important for you to show that you value trust and respect. Your co-workers will soon realize you that you are dependable and considerate, and your perspective of your role in the workplace may change. If you are the employer, then your prioritization of trust will lead your employees to practice the same dependability and consideration, which means that your team will work together better and be more productive.

If you are feeling as though your work is meaningless and pointless, then it is time for a change in perspective. Once you have determined your role in the company, you can identify different ways to improve your job, make good choices on behalf of the company and show others that you are trustworthy. This will help you feel as though your work is beneficial to others, which will help you enjoy your job and your life.


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How to Create an Idea Space

If you are looking for a creative boost, you may want to consider creating an idea space. An idea space is an area that is separate from your desk or office but that encourages creativity and inspiration. This technique is often used by companies that require their employees to be extremely creative, and it allows users to work together to be inspired and productive. Your idea space can give you a break from your standard thought patterns, help you develop your creativity, allow you to test out your new ideas or help you connect with others to share your thoughts. Here are some tips that will help you develop an idea space so that you can boost your creativity at work.

creating an idea space

Choose a Form

There are many types of idea spaces, and you should choose one that works best for you. You may prefer to have a dance or art studio where you can express yourself artistically, or you can develop a small lab where you can test out new ideas. Your idea space may also be filled with information from successful individuals in your field so that you can scope out some of the techniques that helped them climb to the top, or you can invite others to attend training and educational sessions so that you can learn new things together. Once you know which activities help you become more creative and effective, you can design your idea space to meet your needs.

Choose a Theme

Once you know what kind of idea space you need in order to be more creative, you can choose a theme for your surroundings. You can give the area a fun name and decorate it in colors and furniture that will help you accomplish your goals. Your idea space should be innovative, fun and unintimidating so that you can use it freely to maximize your creativity while taking a break to refresh your mind.

Make It Different

While you want your idea space to be a nice retreat from mundane tasks, you don’t want it to be too familiar. If it looks just like your office, you won’t be inspired to think outside the box the next time you need to come up with an innovative idea. You should design your idea space so that it is different from the environment in which you usually work so that the variety will spark a change in your thought patterns as soon as you see the new colors and designs. The change will help you step away from your traditional approaches to your job so that you can be inspired to think creatively.

An idea space is a great way to enjoy a brief retreat that will boost your creativity. The next time you feel frustrated at work or are having trouble coming up with an innovative idea, an idea space may help you break free from your normal thoughts so that you can be creative and effective.

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How to Get Honest Feedback at Work

If you have an upcoming performance review, you may be worried about what your boss will say about the quality of your work. You may also have concerns that he will be too polite and will not fully disclose his opinions about your performance. If so, you may want to ask for his advice about how you can do a better job. Here are some tips that will help you get honest feedback from your employer so that you can become an effective and productive employee.

Getting feedback at work

Ask for Honest Feedback

While you may walk into your performance review with the expectation that you will receive honest feedback, you should still make it clear before the review begins. Tell your boss that you would like him to be truthful in his review of your work so that you can make the necessary improvements. You may also want to tell him that you would like the conversation to be as helpful and as productive as possible and that you won’t be offended if he has recommendations for your improvement.

Look Ahead

As you listen to your employer’s insight on your job performance, focus on how you can make improvements in the future. You may be tempted to dwell on the mistakes that you have made in the past, but that won’t help you do better next time. If you tell your boss that you want to focus on being more effective in the future, he may be more open about his opinions.

Take Notes

While you may be focused on what your employer is saying, you won’t be able to remember all of it once you walk away from the conversation. To help you remember his advice, you should take notes while he is speaking. This will also show him that you are serious about his recommendations and that you are striving to improve your effectiveness as an employee.

Keep an Open Mind

While some of the feedback you receive may be negative, you need to keep an open mind. Try to listen carefully without feeling defensive. If your employer feels that you are starting to react poorly to his comments, he may not be as honest with you, and this will not help you become a better employee.

Honest feedback is essential for growth and development both professionally and personally, but it can be difficult to make people feel comfortable sharing their honest thoughts with you. While your employer’s thoughts may not be entirely accurate or helpful, you will still gain some insight about how you can become a better employee.


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Make Your New Habit a Permanent One

Old habits are hard to break, but new ones are even more difficult to keep. When you really want to make a change for the better, you have to be patient and give yourself some time, but you also have to make sure that you have the right approach. Here are some easy ways that you can make your next new habit last a lifetime.

creating habits

Get Specific About Your Plans

It isn’t enough to simply say that you will start doing something. You have to be very specific about when and how you will do it. Rather than promising that you will exercise in the mornings, tell yourself that you will exercise after wash your face and before you drink your coffee. Instead of saying that you will check your email less at work, set a specific time of day when you will read and respond to messages. By being more specific about your plans, you can smoothly integrate your new habit into your routine so that you will be more likely to keep it.

Break It Down

If you set a lofty goal, it will take more work, motivation and encouragement to reach it. That leaves a lot of room for failure and discouragement. Rather than setting one large goal, make your ambitions a bit smaller. This allows you to focus on making improvements a step at a time, and you can gradually build on your success until you have reached your larger goal. It will take some time, but you won’t experience the frustration or disappointment that often comes with failure.

Offer Rewards

Just as your boss might offer an incentive for employees who go the extra mile, you should be willing to reward yourself when you do well. Your positive affirmations will help you stay motivated and encouraged so that your new habit becomes a regular part of your routine. Tell yourself that you are proud of your accomplishments, and you may find that your sense of pride helps you make even more progress.

Change can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. When you follow these simple tips, you can turn something that initially seems overwhelming into a lifelong habit.

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How to Identify and Stop an Office Bully

Children are often exposed to bullies in the classroom, but there are also adults who face bullies every day when they go to work. A bully in the workplace often employs subtle tactics to make his co-workers feel inferior and weak, and he can make life very uncomfortable for the people he works with. Here is how to tell if you are being bullied in the workplace and what you can do about it.

How to Identify a Bully at Work

Adult bullies are sometimes difficult to identify because they employ sneaky tactics. A bully may ignore your role in the office, and he may leave you out of important conversations. He may even take credit for your accomplishments or say negative things about you to others. A bully may be your superior, but he may also be someone who works in a lower position. He may try to make you feel as though you are inadequate and ineffective, and he may try to convince you that your job performance is less than satisfactory.

stop office bullying

A bully’s actions can make it difficult for you to enjoy your job, especially if you spend your time away from work thinking about how you are being treated. You may dread going to work each day, and you may find yourself indulging in bad habits to overcome your feelings. You may even begin to feel the physical effects of bullying, such as anxiety, depression and frequent illnesses.

How to Stop Bullying at Work

It can be difficult to stop a bully in the workplace, but it is not impossible. Before you accuse someone of bullying, you need to carefully analyze the situation. In some cases, you may be overly sensitive or are simply experiencing a person’s bad attitude at work. If the person is truly a bully, he will actively try to interfere with your ability to do your job by targeting your emotions. Once you have identified that you are being bullied, you should start documenting your interactions with the bully. As you work together, remain professional and calm despite his negative comments and threats. Take your documentation to a supervisor or to the human resources department so that someone else can step in and stop the negative behavior. If you don’t get the support you need, you may need to look at getting a job elsewhere.

If you are being bullied at work, you need to take action.By taking these steps to identify and stop a bully, you may be able to save yourself and your coworkers from being harassed in the office.

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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

There are many factors that determine your performance in the workplace, including your work ethic, your ability to cooperate with others and your leadership skills. Your emotional intelligence also plays a large role in how effective you are in your career because it determines how well you develop and maintain your working relationships. Here are some ways that you can strengthen your emotional intelligence so that you are an even better employee or boss.

emotional intellegence

Minimize Negativity

One of the best ways to boost your emotional intelligence is to mimimize your negative emotions. This may require you to change the way you think about work and the struggles that you face. For example, you may be tempted to feel as though your boss is avoiding you if he doesn’t reply to your proposal immediately, but the truth may be that he is busy and hasn’t gotten to read it through carefully. If someone at work does something that you don’t like, their actions don’t necessarily reflect their opinion of you or your job performance. You can also minimize negativity by removing your fear of rejection. If you want a particular job, you should apply for several similar positions so that you have multiple alternatives available to you if you aren’t hired for your dream job.

Stay Calm

If you find yourself feeling stressed and frazzled at work, you won’t be as effective. Before you respond to a situation with anxiety or stress, take a deep breath and relax. Go for a quick walk around the building to clear your head before you tackle a problem. You will feel refreshed and energized, which will help you become a better problem solver and a more efficient employee.

Communicate Openly

In order to boost your emotional intelligence, you have to be able to comfortably communicate your emotions. This will require you to carefully phrase your thoughts before you speak to your co-workers. If you need to express your disappointment or frustration over an issue at work, avoid using confrontational language. Rather than accusing or judging your co-workers, talk to them about how you feel as a result of their actions. This will help you set boundaries without causing strife in the workplace.

Your emotional intelligence will help you set yourself apart from other employees. These tips will allow you to take the next step in becoming more than just an employee so that you can start being a leader in your workplace.

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Improving Work Performance After Taking a Vacation

Vacation time is much more than just a few days away from work. It is the opportunity to rest and relax so that you head back to the office feeling refreshed and inspired. However, it can be difficult to jump back into your regular routine once you have taken some time off. These tips will help you make the most of your return to work.being productive after a vacationTake Control

While you may feel overwhelmed by the tasks that piled up on your desk while you were away, you need to push them to the side and take control. Rather than allowing the memos and messages to determine how you spend your first few days back, you should decide how you are going to use your time. In order to do this, identify three to five of your company’s primary goals. By focusing on these goals, you can choose tasks that will help the company achieve success. By taking control of your tasks, you can be a more productive and effective employee.

Be Open to Change

A vacation can help bring you out of a rut, and your return to the workplace may be the perfect time for you to try something different. Whether you rearrange your office or try to strengthen your relationship with co-workers, this could be a great opportunity for you to make some positive changes that will help you be a more successful employee.

Many employees find that they have trouble getting into a routine once they get back from vacation, but this could be the chance you need to move ahead. Rather than daydreaming through unproductive meetings or slowly completing paperwork, find something that motivates you. Whether you focus on getting a raise or commit to boosting your department’s morale, find something meaningful that will push you to the next level. Keep this goal in mind as you complete the tasks that you usually dread so that you continue to be more productive even after your vacation is in the distant past.

If you approach your return to work with the right frame of mind, your vacation can give you the boost you need to be more successful.

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Making the Most Out of Your Job

There are several factors that affect your productivity at work. Your company may send you to training to help you learn more about your field, or they may offer incentives to encourage you to improve your productivity and efficiency on the job. However, your level of satisfaction and the amount of effort that you put into your work is determined by your attitude and the way you approach your job. If you find yourself dreading each work day or feeling bored and unimportant, it is time to change your perspective and tackle your job differently. Here are some tips that will help you become more engaged on the job so that you feel like an essential and valuable member to the team.

increasing job productivity
Define Your Job’s Purpose

No matter what your job may be, you play an important role in how the company functions, but you may need a little help determining exactly what your job’s purpose may be. To help you define your role in the workplace, turn to the company’s mission statement so that you can see the overall goals of the company. You can then analyze your job and how it helps the company reach those goals, which will give you a sense of your role and how you can serve others.

Accept Praise from Others

You may be tempted to devalue your accomplishments for the sake of humility, but this can make you feel as though you are not important to the company. When someone in the office praises something that you have done, accept their compliments graciously. You should also feel comfortable telling your boss or supervisor about something that you have done that you feel will be beneficial for the business.

Take Time to Focus on Work

Many people feel as though they stay busy constantly while they are at work, but their productivity may be affected by phone calls, emails and text messages. While it may only take you a minute to answer the phone or reply to an email, it can take you another few minutes to recover from the distraction and get back to the work at hand. These minutes add up during the day, which means that you ultimately are not as productive as you could be. By taking a few breaks throughout the day to make phone calls and answer messages, you can improve your efficiency at work while also giving yourself some time to regroup and refocus before you dive back in.

While it is important for the company to create a welcoming and comfortable work environment, your satisfaction with your job is ultimately in your hands. By changing your approach to your role and how you work, you can leave for home at the end of each day feeling productive and satisfied with the job you have done.

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Easy Ways to Quickly Boost Brainpower

If you have found that you are having trouble making decisions or thinking clearly, there are some things that you can do to boost your brainpower. Research shows that your brain will function better if you make some small changes that will increase circulation and give your brain the oxygen it needs so that you stay focused. Here are some

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easy ways to maximize brainpower so that you can make better decisions, improve your memory and solve the problems that you come across daily.

tips to good decision makingTake a Walk

Walking is great for your physical health, but it is also beneficial for your mental health. When you take a stroll around the block or spend some time on the treadmill, more oxygen travels to your brain. In turn, your brain is better equipped for recalling information and solving problems. There are also studies that indicate the positive effect that walking has on creative responses. The next time you have a dilemma or need to come up with an award-winning proposal at work, take a walk. You might find that you have discovered the secret tool that helps you think more clearly.

Drink Caffeine

For some people, caffeine boosts brainpower because of its ability to improve the brain’s neuroconductivity. If you have a cup of

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coffee as you try to plan out your day or as you prepare for your next business meeting, you may be able to focus better as you sort out the details. However, if caffeine makes you jittery, then this will not be the best way for you to boost cognitive function.

Take a Shower

A brisk, refreshing shower can boost oxygenation, but it can also relax you. When you are relaxed and calm, you are better able to think clearly and focus on your thoughts. Your body also releases dopamine as you relax, which is a chemical that is essential for creativity. This could be especially beneficial if you are trying to find a new approach to a persistent problem at work or at home.

While there are several things that you can do to boost brainpower, many of them require some training before you notice the effects. However, these simple exercises will allow you to improve your cognitive function so that you can think clearly and focus better in a very short amount of time.

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Boost Efficiency by Managing Your Time

When you want to get the most out of life, then you need to make the most of your time. If you get easily distracted or find yourself wondering where your day went, these tips may help you use your time wisely so that you can accomplish your goals.

time managementBe Aware of Your Time

If you glance at the clock only to be shocked at how much time has passed, then you do not have the awareness of time that you need in order to work efficiently. Your time is valuable, and you should treat it as such. As you are making plans for how to spend your day, think about how precious your time is before you decide how to use it. This will help you focus on tasks

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that are important rather than wasting time on unimportant items that do not deserve your attention.

Work Effectively

In order to make the most of your time, you must work effectively. It is important to remember that perfection is not essential for most tasks, and your pursuit of flawlessness may cause you to spend more time on something than you should. Instead of spending extra time trying to reach perfection, make sure that your work

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is quality before moving on to the next project. This doesn’t mean that you work faster or less thoroughly. You simply decide which tasks deserve the most time and plan accordingly.

Get Help

If you really want to use your time wisely, then you need to eliminate the menial tasks that tend to take up more time than you can afford to spend. It may be helpful for you to find someone else to take on the tasks that you don’t want to do. For example, a personal assistant can address envelopes, run errands and answer phone calls so that you are free to pursue other goals.

If you have admired people who seem to accomplish many things while still having time to spare, then try these tips. You may find that you can check off the items on your to-do list and have some time left over to pat yourself on the back.

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