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How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?

coaching costsIf you are interested in improving your quality of life, then you may have thought about hiring a life coach. A life coach will help you change your perspective and approach to different aspects of your life so that you can reap the maximum benefits. Your coach can help you achieve your career goals or make more money, and he can help you make your dreams become reality. A life coach is also be beneficial during times of major life changes, such as retirement, being laid off or getting divorced. If you think that you could benefit from using a life coach, then you need to be prepared for the costs that are involved. There are different types of life coaches, and you will need to take care to choose the best one to help you meet your goals.

How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?

As you are searching for a life coach, you will come across several rates. Many of them are determined by the coach’s level of experience and expertise, but the cost also depends on the type of coaching that you want to receive. A personal life coach is someone who helps you improve your health, personal relationships, family finances and overall happiness. These coaches often charge an average of $300 to $1,000 a month for a handful of sessions. If you want someone to improve your business or company, than an executive life coach is the best option. These coaches are more expensive and may charge as much as $100 to $400 an hour. A corporate life coach can help large companies improve productivity and increase their profits, and they can cost as much as $500 an hour.

Choosing the Right Life Coach

There are many life coaches available to help you reach your goals, and you need to carefully select the one who will work with you. As you are calling life coaches for more information, ask for references from

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previous clients. You may also want to talk to your friends and relatives who have used life coaches to see if they have recommendations. Before you hire anyone to help you find balance and purpose in your life, you should meet him in person to make sure that the two of you can have a good working relationship. By choosing the right life coach for your needs, you can ensure that you are getting the best assistance and advice for the money that you will be spending.

If you feel as though you need to find a new direction in life or simply need some help getting back on track, then a life coach may be the solution. By taking the time to carefully research the life coaches in your region and their fees, you can find the one that will help you improve your circumstances while getting the best service for your money.

About Coaching

Virtual Coaching

From paying bills to getting a college degree and almost everything in between, it seems that everything has gone digital these days and coaching is no exception. Virtual coaching has recently become a popular trend,

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but many people might be wondering what this new form of coaching actually entails.

coaching on the webIn general, the premise is the same: a person has a goal and hires a coach to help him achieve it. Subsequently, the coach makes it his chief priority to help his client succeed. The difference between virtual coaching and traditional coaching is purely in the delivery of the services.

Virtual coaching is done, well, virtually! Clients employ email and virtual chat, as well as phone consultations instead of meeting their coaches face-to-face. It sounds like a simple concept, because it is. However, some skeptics cannot understand why such an impersonal technique appeals to so many.

There are actually a few aspects of virtual coaching that make it a better option for some people.


Due to scheduling conflicts and personal obligations, some individuals simply cannot arrange a time to meet face-to-face. Moreover, clients can meet with virtual coaches from the comfort of their own homes. This is a huge plus for many people. This means a person does not have to endure the stress of fighting traffic or worries about factoring in time to get to and from the appointment, arranging a sitter for children, or calculating fuel expenses. In fact, a client could meet his coach in his pajamas if he wanted to.

Ease of Access

For individuals who live in rural areas or smaller cities, finding a local coach can be nearly impossible. However, with a little internet research, anyone can find an ideal coach, without regard for their physical location.


Aside from savings in gas, virtual coaching programs are typically less

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expensive than traditional programs. Virtual coaches do not have the same overhead costs as other coaches. Traditional coaches, even if shared with other professionals, pay rental and utility costs associated with their offices, as well as salaries for their employees. Without the added expenses, virtual coaches can provide comparable services at a fraction of the cost.


The final and most important reason virtual coaching has become so popular is because clients receive the same quality services and they are able to achieve the same results as with any other coaching program.

A common misconception is that virtual coaches are somehow less qualified than traditional coaches. Contrary to this belief, the coaches who offer virtual services

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have the same credentials and experience as their traditional counterparts. Additionally, virtual coaches are often knowledgeable industry leaders who wanted to expand their reach to individuals outside of their vicinity. These professionals are well-established coaches who are committed to helping people realize their goals.

No coaching program is a “one size fits all” solution for every person. Individuals must consider their needs, wants and preferences when choosing the best choice for them. However, virtual coaching is a viable option and should not be overlooked simply because it is a relatively new way to meet with a coach. Virtual coaching is still coaching, it simply offers clients another option.

About Coaching

Coaching as a Career

There seems to be much interest surrounding the career field of personal and life coaching. However, there is not a consistent protocol established to guide high school and college students who might be considering this field. Fortunately, planning a coaching career shares many similarities with seeking a professional coach for personal benefits in that the qualities that are important to you, as a client are likely to be the most important characteristics to others and thereby the traits you should focus on when determining if coaching is, indeed, the most appropriate career choice.

So what common qualities are shared by the most revered and trusted of these professionals?
One of the most important characteristics of coaching is authenticity. A coach relies more on personal history and life lessons than on formal education. Therefore, specialization depends on personal experiences. For example, a young bachelor who has never had a serious, long-term relationship would typically not be an effective marriage or relationship coach, although he could be phenomenal dating coach.By the same token, it is crucial that a coach has a history of success in the aspect of his life that he wishes to specialize. Though he may have experienced a considerable number of dates with various young women, negative outcomes from those encounters would most likely discount his ability to provide beneficial advice to someone. The trial and error approach can be undertaken without anyone else’s help. But when an individual looks to a coach for assistance, he expects that he is choosing a guide who has

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intimate knowledge of the most direct path to his specific goal.

As with most positions that necessitate a close personal relationship with clients, coaches must have impeccable communication skills. The ability to easily convey ideas and advice without appearing to be condescending is vital to a successful bond with clients. An individual wants to feel that he can trust his coach to lead the way, because he has been in a similar situation and achieved a positive result. Still, no one wants to feel embarrassed or ignorant. Thus, anyone who decides to pursue coaching as a career must learn appropriate techniques to express respect and empathy, while redirecting a client’s focus when necessary.

The field of coaching is a versatile career path. Individuals may choose to specialize in countless subspecialties. This unique occupation offers many challenging and rewarding opportunities for people who enjoy helping others accomplish specific tasks or goals. Coaches provide a valuable service to individuals who have exhausted other attempts to succeed alone. However, reaching the rewards and endless opportunities available to coaches requires a significant amount of hard work and commitment, not to mention a natural aptitude for helping others cope with often complex issues. Those select few who have what it takes will find a career that will take them wherever they would like to go in life.

About Coaching Bully Coaching

Coaching Children to Cope with Bullies

[ilink url=”” title=”bully coaching”]Article on Anti-Bullying Coaching[/ilink]

It is an unfortunate fact of life the world over: bullies lurk everywhere and strike without warning. While the problem is not new, it is currently gaining significant attention. This is partly due to the tragic suicides of countless adolescents who could not bear the ritualistic torture and degradation any longer. This distressing reality is of growing concern to many parents, school faculty and government officials. But this heart wrenching statistic is thoroughly preventable.

children bulliesThough there may be little hope of avoiding bullies altogether, there are a number of steps that parents can take to minimize this threat, until the stricter regulations proposed at the government level are implemented. Some of the most simple solutions are often the most helpful. As such, small things such as involving children in social or team activities, embracing the differences of others and encouraging children to laugh at themselves when they make mistakes can go a long way in bully proofing.Anti-bully coaches agree that children who have a positive home environment and high self esteem are less likely to be targeted by bullies. Therefore, it is important to establish a relationship with children that fosters compassion and respect. Additionally, the type of discipline used in the home can greatly impact the fragile balance of a child’s emotional development. Because children imitate what they see and experience, rather than what they are told, spanking and other aggressive punishments serve to encourage violence or fear as a solution to life’s problems. This is a slippery slope that could result in a child becoming an easy target or seeking out peers to define his own authority or control, since he feels powerless at home.Another mistake people often make is teaching children to be submissive or overly patient. While no one wants an unruly child who refuses to share or wait his turn, too much of these teachings can imply that it is wrong to disagree with someone or speak up for yourself. More parents need to teach that while it is wrong to take something from another child, it is okay to ask for a turn or to voice an opinion if something seems unfair, unjust or incorrect. Bullies pursue children who are unlikely to resist or fight back. Thus a child who always allows others to take advantage of him will easily become a bully’s next target.

Additionally, being too dependent on parents or a caregiver can create an image of vulnerability. A child needs to feel secure and know that he can depend on support and comfort from his family, but no parent can be everywhere his child is at all times. It is important for children to develop independence and learn self sufficiency. A parent who is obsesses over of every small accident or caters to every whim or request of his child can send the message that the child does not need to solve anything on his own, all he has to do is tell his mommy or daddy and challenges will just go away. Though it would be a wonderful world if things were that simple, it is unrealistic to presume that others will always come to the rescue when things become uncomfortable or difficult. Not only do these delusions hurt a child’s ability to function in the world, but they also invite bullies to attack at will.

Bullies have been present since the dawn of time and even with new laws to protect victims, it is doubtful that the problem will ever be completely resolved. Still there are numerous ways to prevent future generations from this experiencing or causing much of this abuse.

About Coaching Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

People often confuse spiritual coaching and life coaching. Spiritual coaching is similar to life coaching. However, while life coaching concentrates on the external aspects of an individual’s life, spiritual coaching centers on the mind, body and spirit. In teaching techniques to become more harmonious and peaceful, a spiritual coach provide an individual with unique tools to face and overcome many of the challenges throughout all facets of his professional and personal life. The foundation of spiritual coaching is the control or will within a person’s self, how to discover it and effectively channel it to achieve specific goals.

coachingMany people are prevented from reaching their desired target simply because of their own insecurities or obsession with small obstacles. In a sense, the self fulfilling prophecy dooms them to fail before they actually begin. The belief that he will be unsuccessful can have a dramatic impact on how a person approaches his situation. There is great power in a positive perspective and spiritual coaching helps change the thinking that gears failure.

For many, these nagging thoughts of inadequacy stem from years of conditioning. Throughout school, athletics, competitions and work, there are always times when a person may question his worth or feel that he is undeserving of his ambitions. It becomes second nature to assume that some unknown force has preordained the outcome and that he has no control over his own destiny because every event, regardless of how small or trivial, has already been determined. However, this thinking is incorrect and can contribute to depression, anxiety or other mental health struggles. Getting off of this roller coaster of negativity is difficult, particularly when most people are not aware that they are causing many of their own grievances.

Spiritual coaching helps to eliminate the self-doubt and enables people to re-examine their outlook. This type of coaching works to help individuals let go of the uncertainty and other hurdles that prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Moreover, spiritual coaches teach people how to dismiss negative events and small stresses that occur on a daily basis and how to better interpret their own thoughts and feelings. This spiritual awakening teaches the art of conscious living, allowing an individual to live with more positivity and happiness. Self assurance and confidence can do amazing things for a person. When people stop dwelling on negativity and worrying about insignificant or irrelevant things, the possibilities are virtually endless. Spiritual coaching is an investment in the life a person ultimately wants for himself and his family, in that regard, it is truly priceless.

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Conflict Management Coaching With Cinnie Noble

Interview with Conflict Management Coach Cinnie Noble

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn and I’m the founder of We’re a site that matches coaches with clients based on fit. I’m here with Cinnie Noble. She’s a lawyer, a mediator. She’s a conflict management coach. She’s the author of Conflict Management Coaching:

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The Cinergy Model. Her company name is Cinergy Coaching and is based in Toronto. She does coaching and training worldwide. Welcome, Cinnie.

Cinnie: Welcome too. Thank you.

Corey: So could you share with us, why are you a coach?

Cinnie: I’m a coach because I found that I was working in the conflict management field for a number of years, and various ways of helping people find their way through conflict wasn’t working. When I heard about executive coaching on one-on-one work, I thought this was another possibility, another tool to add as a lawyer-mediator. And indeed it was. I think coaching, especially the model I developed, has helped people deal with conflict in ways that the other modalities just didn’t do.

Corey: That’s great. So when should someone consider working with you?

Cinnie: I have a strong client base from managers, leaders although others as well. But I do a lot of work in workplaces. There are people who are not managing conflict well. They might be having a lot of disputes in organizations that they’re involved in or that their staff are involved. They realized they just don’t know how to manage conflict very well themselves. That happens within workplaces a lot. Leaders get named into positions of being management when they really lack some skills, and conflict management is one of that. We get a lot of clients. I would say most of my clients are organizational, but I certainly get clients who are not in organizations, who are having challenges engaging in disputes with their family or friends or partners.

Corey: Sure. So who is your ideal client?

Cinnie: My ideal client is somebody who acknowledges that they have some challenges managing conflict, that they have some difficult conversations where they really don’t know how to manage themselves and the other person. Sometimes, it’s managers who have to be at performance reviews as most do, and they realize they are upset about how to do them. They expect some kind of response they don’t know how to deal with. It’s usually people who identify. They know that they have some challenges and they want some help. They want to become conflict confident.

Corey: In your experience as a coach, how important is a match between coach and client?

Cinnie: It’s probably one of the most important things about coaching I would think. I think that trust needs to build, the foundation, the rapport. They’re integral to making sure that clients feel trust for the coach. Ideally, that the coach has a sense of the client’s commitment, and not just ideally. It’s necessary that the coach knows that the client is committed and that they’re willing to go through the ups and downs and challenges of coaching relationships which can go on for a long time and really requires the client to dig deep and for the coach to be able to be there for them. That relationship is so important.

Corey: Can you show us a success story?

Cinnie: Well, I’m happy to say I have lots of success stories. I would say I was thinking about a recent one where a fairly senior vice president in a hospital was having a lot a lot of challenges everywhere she looked—whether it was the board, whether it was with her staff, whether it was with the research group. Wherever she was going, there was conflict among people. Whether or not she was directly involved, it was her dispute or not, she was faced with in and just didn’t think that she had the skills to know how to manage it and be able to deflect work with it. In my field of conflict management, conflict isn’t considered a bad thing. It’s considered something to learn how to engage in so that you can look for the opportunities in it. She finally started to see the opportunity. She lessened and has reduced immeasurably her general reactions to conflict. She’s regulating her emotions more and she’s able to manage and help other people manage more effectively.

Corey: That’s wonderful. It’s a great story.

Cinnie: Yes. Yeah.

Corey: Thank you so much, Cinnie, for being here with us today. Appreciate it.

Cinnie: Thanks for asking me, Corey. It’s a pleasure to be here.

About Conflict Management Coach Cinnie Noble:

Conflict Management Coach Cinnie NobleCinnie Noble is the founder of CINERGY™ Coaching, a division of Noble Solutions Inc. She is a lawyer-mediator, a certified coach and a former social worker, who has studied and practiced a range of conflict management services, for over 20 years.

You can visit her website here: CINERGY™ Coaching

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ADHD Coaching

In 2010 it was estimated that 5.2 million children and adolescents between the ages of 3 and 17 have ADHD. However, not all of the individuals who have ADHD are children, it is now recognized that many adults suffer from its symptoms, as well. Still, the people affected by this condition are not always prepared for the challenges that it can present.

child with adhdUnfortunately, an ADHD diagnosis does not come with an instruction manual. However, there are professional ADHD coaches who can offer a different perspective on life with this condition. ADHD coaches are trained in practices and principles that are most helpful to individuals who have ADHD, as well as those who love and care for them. The techniques utilized by ADHD coaches are tactical rather than psychological, because the focus of the ADHD coach is to develop more productive ways to accomplish things. By addressing time management and the individual’s focus on tasks, the coach encourages the individual to be more aware of his habits and how to achieve more effective ones.

Since individuals with ADHD tend to become overwhelmed the magnitude of projects, coaches work with them to break down the whole task into smaller, more manageable parts. By using this approach, an individual is more likely to stay focused and complete his project. Coaches also work to teach clients how to identify and understand their individual needs and set goals accordingly.

Individuals with ADHD have considerable difficulty maintaining focus and seeing projects through to completion. But, throughout the process, the coach will offer guidance and support, as well as helpful feedback and suggestions to help his client stay on the right path. Eventually, the client will learn the skills necessary to hold himself accountable and internally remind himself to stay on track. Until that happens, the coach serves to provide those reminders.

Not everyone will gain the most benefit from coaching. An individual must be fully committed to the hard work and time it takes to see true and lasting progress. Simply hiring a coach does not guarantee results. Moreover, it is important to remember that the coach is merely a source of encouragement and support, he is not an on-call personal therapist. Additionally, he can make suggestions based on observations, but he will not be able to tell an individual what to do and when to do it. Therefore, it is crucial that individuals understand what is involved and what is expected before beginning this journey.

About Coaching Bully Coaching Coaching for Children Parenting Coaching

Anti-Bully Coaching

[ilink url=””]Coaching Children to Cope with Bullies[/ilink]

Parents typically hope to promote a healthy self-image for their children. Offering the encouragement, love and support. The last thing any parent wishes is for his child to feel insecure about himself. Therefore, parents try to spend quality time with children, meet physical needs and occasionally cater to special requests for toys, games or whatever may be trendy at the moment.

Yet, sometimes a child may lack something, emotionally, from his home environment. When this need cannot be fulfilled at home, the child may begin to seek it elsewhere. This is not always a bad thing. A child whose parents work long hours may request additional homework help from a teacher, since it is unlikely that he will be able to ask at home. In another scenario, a child who is moving because his father’s job is transferring the family to a new city may consult his guidance counselor about ways to stay in touch with schoolmates and teachers. These are perfectly acceptable ways for the child to cope with a problem.

Conversely, a child may wish to project his emotional strain onto someone else. Perhaps because he feels frustration in the midst of his parents’ divorce or because his mother grounded him for teasing his little sister. Sometimes the reason may simply be because the child feels threatened by another student’s talent in a specific academic area.

stop bullying kids with bullying coachingWhatever the reason, some children feel the need to prey on others. To some it may seem like harmless teasing, but bullying can lead to depression, destructive behavior, emotional outbursts, school attendance problems, difficulty concentrating, lower grades, and in some cases, suicide.

Faced with incessant torment, the first person a child will likely approach for help is a parent. However, many parents feel helpless, not knowing what to do or where to go for help. The instinctive reaction may be to take charge of the situation and contact the offending child’s parents. However, this action is often ineffective and may, in fact, make things worse. What’s more, the wrong reaction could result in more stress and anxiety for the bullied child, causing him not to reach out for help next time. Another logical solution is to speak with teachers, bus drivers and school officials about the problem. Yet, with so many children to supervise, it can be virtually impossible for school staff to manage this issue at all times.

So, what can be done to combat this serious issue?

In difficult situations, it is extremely beneficial to speak with someone who can suggest appropriate techniques for coping. That is why anti-bully coaches have recently become so popular. An anti-bully coach works to neutralize the root of the problem, by training children to be virtually bully proof. With

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a combination of role playing and counseling, the anti-bully coach teaches children and parents what steps to take to prevent the situation and how to react in the event that it does occur.

It may seem extreme to go to a complete stranger for help with such a personal problem. But rest assured that these experts have helped countless families. There is no shame in admitting that this problem requires an outsider’s perspective. Unfortunately, bullying is a problem many children and adolescents will face throughout their school years. Still, it does not have to result in tragic circumstances or rip families apart. There is help for children and their parents. No longer do children have to suffer needlessly in silence.

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What Does A Dating Coach Do?

Have dinner with a stranger, add in some meaningless conversation to mask the awkwardness and sprinkle in obsessively trying to avoid saying or doing anything embarrassing, while trying to be witty and interesting. Does this sound like a recipe for a fun evening? Probably not, but it is exactly how the majority of singles spend

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their weekends. All of this energy is exerted in hopes of finding that one special someone. However, many of those singles will inadvertently cause the destruction of a budding romance before it ever starts. By conveying insecure or negative thoughts or actions, often without realizing it, individuals can seem hostile, unreceptive or otherwise unavailable to the opposite sex.

Dating coachBut if an individual is unaware of the signals he is sending, how can he hope to change this behavior? The most direct way to learn what to do and more significantly what not to do in the dating world is to procure the help of a dating coach. Highly skilled in the field of interpersonal relationships, dating coaches specialize in the art of communication and subconscious behaviors that can make or break relationships.

A common misconception is that dating coaches are merely matchmakers, this assessment is grossly inaccurate. While matchmakers arrange dates between individuals, dating coaches use a variety of methods to teach people how to attract and approach prospective romantic interests. Essentially, a dating coach focuses on strengthening her client’s confidence in respect to love and dating. However, while their goals are the same, there is no specifically outlined protocol that all dating coaches follow. The techniques used by each may vary significantly, but there are some common practices used by many coaches.

Role-playing For Dating Coaching

During role-playing sessions, clients may participate in a mock date with someone similar to his own type. While this “date” is taking place, the coach will likely take notes and critique individual parts that need modification. In addition, some dating coaches will have their clients act out flirtation, pick-up lines, dancing, and other actions that may need work. By offering a neutral perspective, the dating coach can put an end to the embarrassing or intimidating style that has been responsible for countless rejections.

Behavior Modeling For Dating

In behavior modeling, the dating coach may have the client play audience to her take on date. To show individuals the appropriate way to carry themselves in the presence of a romantic pursuit, it may be helpful to act out suggestions, rather than lecturing.

Dating Seminars

As with an education or business seminar, a dating seminar outlines tips, techniques and advice. Held in a public venue with numerous other clients, this technique is only helpful for individuals who learn and retain information in an open discussion. Shy individuals and those who prefer a substantial level of anonymity will most likely want to avoid this method.

Meeting people is difficult for many, but the advice and training of a dating coach can ease the discomfort. Though the sessions may be somewhat pricey and require hard work, the process may just lead an individual to find the love of his life, making it all worthwhile.

About Coaching Health Coaching Life Coaching Personal Coaching

Coaches Help Keep Resolutions

New Year’s is an excellent time to reflect on the past year and anticipate

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the wonder of the coming year. During this special time, a vast majority of the population makes some sort of New Year’s resolution. The idea is that with the coming of the New Year, it is possible to start anew. Thus overwhelming tasks, such as losing weight, quitting smoking or taking control of finances can seem firmly within reach, after all, there is a whole year to work on it.

Unfortunately, for many, New Year’s merely serves as a reminder of unfinished tasks and failed attempts to change for the better. As the calendar page turns to reveal a new year, an individual may think back over the previous year and feel defeated if he did not accomplish all of the goals he set for himself.

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He may not be able to focus on the accomplishments and positive things that transpired; instead he may have a negative mind-set, only concentrating on his failures and disappointments.

coaching helps keep resolutionsCountless individuals wrestle with feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing, particularly as they begin to obsess over factors that contributed to previous failures. For these individuals, each year begins with a new, vicious cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy, in which the letdowns compound into a belief that no goal is attainable and any future attempts will be equally fruitless and therefore futile. At this juncture, a life coach can offer the positive support and encouragement needed to not only stop this cycle of negativity lingering from past discontent, but also to suggest new ways to approach keeping a New Year’s resolution.

Finding a coach who has knowledge about successfully triumphing over a specific hurdle can unlock the potential hidden behind all of the self doubt and delusion plaguing countless people. Therefore, someone who has attempted to quit smoking or lose weight on her own numerous times, only to fail, can indeed find the path to victory, simply by finding the perfect coach to show her the way.

Unlike the support of friends or family,

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who despite their best efforts can only offer opinions, a life coach has fought this battle many times on behalf of others and may have even experienced the same issue himself before using his insight and passion to help others. For many life coaches, career coaches and health coaches, a personal struggle led them to help others avoid the difficulty experienced in overcoming these challenges. Moreover, a coach has is unique in that there is no bias or personal motive tied to the assistance offered. As a professional mentor, his only intention is to drive the success of his client. He seeks no personal gain and feels accomplished only when his client has realized her goal. In a world of individuals who only desire self-promotion, this level of support can seem like a foreign concept, but lacking such strong encouragement is perhaps part of the reason of what causes so many to be unsuccessful.