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Meet Business Coach Laura Garnett

Interview with Business Coach and Consultant Laura Garnett

Corey: Hi! My name is Corey Quinn, and I am the founder of We are a website that matches coaches with clients based on fit. I’m here with Laura Garnett, with Garnett Consulting. She turns passion into profit and she works with small business owners who are passionate about making a change. Welcome Laura.

Business Coach Laura: Thank you. I am glad to be here. Thank you.

Corey: Could you – Thank you. Could you share with us a little bit more about the kind of business owners you work with?

Business Coach Laura: Yes, absolutely. You know, some people always ask this but I really target business owners who are in the personal development industry and what that means is that they are changing other people’s lives. They are helping people live out to their true potential and I’m doing this because I am kind of a personal development junky and I am a business growth junky, so I combine the two and created what I do.

Corey: Okay. And how long you have been doing this for now?

Business Coach Laura: I’ve been doing this for three years, and it has been an amazing journey. It is always, I think when you are running your own business, it takes on a different hue every year, but it is probably one of the most exciting, stimulating journeys I’ve ever been on.

Corey: And what led you to becoming a coach? Why are you a coach?

Business Coach Laura: Why, I love that question Corey. I am a coach because or I would say, a coach/consultant, because I made a commitment to myself three years ago to build my dream job and it was a little bit of what I was thinking before about kind of combining my love for personal growth with my love for business growth, and honestly, I just, you know, observed what I would do in the absence of money and my favourite thing to do is to sit down and talk to people about their business and help them come up with really creative, interesting ways to make it grow. So, I just kind of took that and ran with it and that’s why I do what I do.

Corey: Wonderful. So when should someone consider working with you?

Business Coach Laura: When should someone consider working with me? Well, I generally work with women and it’s women who are really, I think their gift is helping and coaching other people. You know, a lot of my clients are yoga instructors, coaches, life coaches, and they want to spend time working one-on-one with their clients and not exactly inspired by the business side of things. So it is someone who really needs help in thinking through, you know, how to be strategic and taking their gift and growing up from their business. So I would say it is someone who is looking to go to the next level, but really feels really uncomfortable with all of the business marketing, strategic kind of things around that.

Corey: Is there a moment or you know, sort of a right time when someone should consider working with you?

Business Coach Laura: Well, you know, it’s funny, I’ve been kind of thinking about this and I’ve been tweeting about it you know, it is getting help I think is something that is so critical in order to be living up to your true potential. It is kind of like, you know, I work out a lot but when I work with a personal trainer I even – I work so much harder. So, it has to be, it has to come from within and you have to feel like you are ready to kind of, I would say, kind of burst forward and having someone else help you go through that process. It’s going to make it a lot more enjoyable and I think also allow you to stretch beyond what you think is possible. So I think that is really the time when you look to hire someone and I think it often comes with transition. So, you are rebranding. You are ready to kind of go, you know, double your client base. Those kinds of things are when having someone else help you through that will make it far more likely that it is going to happen.

Corey: Great. Thank you for that.

Business Coach Laura: You’re welcome.

Corey: In your experience, how important is a match between a coach and a client?

Business Coach Laura: Well, you know we have talked about this and I think it is critical, and I don’t you know – it is to me, when I am meeting with people I am talking about or you know, we are talking about a client, the chemistry between us, our ability to understand each other, our ability to you know, see the world in a similar way makes I think the work far more effective – we can get more done in a faster way. We are more efficient. So in that, from that standpoint, a match is critical for me and I really, you know, won’t work with someone unless I feel that we have that understanding, because you don’t want to spend most of your time when you are working with someone trying to just get to understanding. You want that to be the base and then the work you are doing is all about kind of going forward. So, again – and we said I love your work, I love what you are doing, I think it is critical.

Corey: Thank you. Could you share with us a success story?

Business Coach Laura: Sure. Absolutely. Those are my favourite things to talk about. I actually had a client and she – or I still have her. We are still kind of seen how she performs over the following year, but when I met her, she was working in her full time job as well as running her business on the side, and she really, when we first met, we talked about her quitting in six months and after our you know, month of working together, she decided to quit. You know, earlier than expected and is now focusing on her business full time and is already seeing double the results that she had in the past. So that to me was, you know, hugely rewarding because she really wasn’t happy at her full time job. So, you know, I think I worked together – it gave her kind of the sense – gave her the sense that things are going to be great. She knew exactly what she had to do and she just needed to do it, so that felt fantastic.

Corey: That’s great. Could you share some of the things that you did with her to help her to get that confidence?

Business Coach Laura: Sure. Absolutely. I mean, those are critical components to the work that I do, but it was really around helping her get clear on you know, what is her gift and how does that differentiate from a lot of others, because I think in the personal development world there is you know, especially the coaches, there are a million coaches but there is one of you. So really, you know, having the language and the understanding to communicate what she can bring to people that is different from others and then building a marketing plan that not only did she, you know, was excited about and felt was a reflection of her strengths and what she wanted to do, but felt like it was going to give her concrete results and we built out, you know, a financial plan and a client plan that got her

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making the amount of money she needed in order to feel comfortable with quitting her job. So that’s one piece of what we were able to do in order to make her feel comfortable.

Corey: That’s great. I think those types of tools and that type of advice is critical, so thanks for sharing that.

Business Coach Laura: You’re welcome anytime.

Corey: And thanks for being here. I appreciate your time.

Business Coach Laura: Oh, I am so happy to be here. Thank you, Corey.

About Business Coach Laura Garnett

business coach laura garnettI am a growth junkie, I love it. I can’t get enough of the excitement that comes when seeing a business grow or having a personal growth realization. I believe that running your own business is an experiment in personal growth. I have come to this conclusion by going through the process of starting my own business and helping others grow theirs. I created my dream job from scratch because I couldn’t imagine spending my free time doing anything else. In fact I did it for free in the beginning and couldn’t stop. I am passionate about everyone doing work that fires them up and even more passionate about helping those that need help with growing their own passion driven business.

I work with small business owners who are established and emerging thought leaders in the personal development industry. Authors, speakers, teachers and coaches who have a big vision but need help on the actions required to grow it. Specifically I help my clients understand what it is they do best, how to language that to others and then build them an action plan for profit that will help generate more revenue as a result. In addition to that I help my clients become aware of their limiting beliefs. The more businesses I help grow the clearer it becomes, the biggest roadblock to growth is our own thoughts. We will be getting those out and insuring that you believe in what you create.

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