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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

There are many factors that determine your performance in the workplace, including your work ethic, your ability to cooperate with others and your leadership skills. Your emotional intelligence also plays a large role in how effective you are in your career because it determines how well you develop and maintain your working relationships. Here are some ways that you can strengthen your emotional intelligence so that you are an even better employee or boss.

emotional intellegence

Minimize Negativity

One of the best ways to boost your emotional intelligence is to mimimize your negative emotions. This may require you to change the way you think about work and the struggles that you face. For example, you may be tempted to feel as though your boss is avoiding you if he doesn’t reply to your proposal immediately, but the truth may be that he is busy and hasn’t gotten to read it through carefully. If someone at work does something that you don’t like, their actions don’t necessarily reflect their opinion of you or your job performance. You can also minimize negativity by removing your fear of rejection. If you want a particular job, you should apply for several similar positions so that you have multiple alternatives available to you if you aren’t hired for your dream job.

Stay Calm

If you find yourself feeling stressed and frazzled at work, you won’t be as effective. Before you respond to a situation with anxiety or stress, take a deep breath and relax. Go for a quick walk around the building to clear your head before you tackle a problem. You will feel refreshed and energized, which will help you become a better problem solver and a more efficient employee.

Communicate Openly

In order to boost your emotional intelligence, you have to be able to comfortably communicate your emotions. This will require you to carefully phrase your thoughts before you speak to your co-workers. If you need to express your disappointment or frustration over an issue at work, avoid using confrontational language. Rather than accusing or judging your co-workers, talk to them about how you feel as a result of their actions. This will help you set boundaries without causing strife in the workplace.

Your emotional intelligence will help you set yourself apart from other employees. These tips will allow you to take the next step in becoming more than just an employee so that you can start being a leader in your workplace.

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By Corey Quinn

Entrepreneur and online marketing expert

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