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Parents typically hope to promote a healthy self-image for their children. Offering the encouragement, love and support. The last thing any parent wishes is for his child to feel insecure about himself. Therefore, parents try to spend quality time with children, meet physical needs and occasionally cater to special requests for toys, games or whatever may be trendy at the moment.

Yet, sometimes a child may lack something, emotionally, from his home environment. When this need cannot be fulfilled at home, the child may begin to seek it elsewhere. This is not always a bad thing. A child whose parents work long hours may request additional homework help from a teacher, since it is unlikely that he will be able to ask at home. In another scenario, a child who is moving because his father’s job is transferring the family to a new city may consult his guidance counselor about ways to stay in touch with schoolmates and teachers. These are perfectly acceptable ways for the child to cope with a problem.

Conversely, a child may wish to project his emotional strain onto someone else. Perhaps because he feels frustration in the midst of his parents’ divorce or because his mother grounded him for teasing his little sister. Sometimes the reason may simply be because the child feels threatened by another student’s talent in a specific academic area.

stop bullying kids with bullying coachingWhatever the reason, some children feel the need to prey on others. To some it may seem like harmless teasing, but bullying can lead to depression, destructive behavior, emotional outbursts, school attendance problems, difficulty concentrating, lower grades, and in some cases, suicide.

Faced with incessant torment, the first person a child will likely approach for help is a parent. However, many parents feel helpless, not knowing what to do or where to go for help. The instinctive reaction may be to take charge of the situation and contact the offending child’s parents. However, this action is often ineffective and may, in fact, make things worse. What’s more, the wrong reaction could result in more stress and anxiety for the bullied child, causing him not to reach out for help next time. Another logical solution is to speak with teachers, bus drivers and school officials about the problem. Yet, with so many children to supervise, it can be virtually impossible for school staff to manage this issue at all times.

So, what can be done to combat this serious issue?

In difficult situations, it is extremely beneficial to speak with someone who can suggest appropriate techniques for coping. That is why anti-bully coaches have recently become so popular. An anti-bully coach works to neutralize the root of the problem, by training children to be virtually bully proof. With

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a combination of role playing and counseling, the anti-bully coach teaches children and parents what steps to take to prevent the situation and how to react in the event that it does occur.

It may seem extreme to go to a complete stranger for help with such a personal problem. But rest assured that these experts have helped countless families. There is no shame in admitting that this problem requires an outsider’s perspective. Unfortunately, bullying is a problem many children and adolescents will face throughout their school years. Still, it does not have to result in tragic circumstances or rip families apart. There is help for children and their parents. No longer do children have to suffer needlessly in silence.

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